GPS to the Rescue: Cases of GPS Trackers Recover Stolen Electric Motorcycles

by Concox Garin Marketing Manager

The electric motorcycles were stolen, and many people had a headache because of the problem that could not be recovered. However, after Concox investigated a lot of cases, in reality, we found that more and more motorcycle owners are very fortunate. After the electric motorcycle was stolen, they can successfully recover their motorcycles in a short time. How did they manage that? Let’s take a look at some successful cases.

1. The police used GPS anti-theft devices to recover 6 stolen vehicles on the same day.

In the early morning of April 11, 2018, Mr. Feng parked his electric motorcycle in his own home, but in the morning he found that his motorcycle was gone. Mr. Feng immediately called the police. After receiving the alarm, the police in the area immediately rushed to the scene. According to the preliminary investigation, the stolen vehicle was a red electric vehicle, which was purchased last June. Mr. Feng also told the police in a timely manner that he had installed a GPS electric vehicle positioner for the electric vehicle. Therefore, the police used the GPS positioning function to quickly find the location of the electric vehicle parking place - the city's Shuguang Village.

With the help of the GPS positioning function, the police will focus on the surrounding of an abandoned factory in Shuguang Village. Soon, the police will suspect that a man riding an electric motorcycle has entered the police's sight. In the process of tracing the suspect, the police found a red electric motorcycle parked in the courtyard when he was in a low house near the factory. It was verified that this red electric motorcycle was the motorcycle that Mr. Feng had stolen. Therefore, with the assistance of the GPS locator, the police successfully recovered the stolen vehicle within one day. According to the man, since January this year, he has stolen six electric vehicles in the city's tourist bus station, Hong Kong City, and Jiuyuan City Garden.

2. Shangrao Yugan police used the GPS locator to crack the electric motorcycle case for one hour.

At 9 o'clock on the morning of August 5, 2019, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Yuting Town, also encountered the problem of the theft of her motorcycle. The Yugan County Public Security Bureau Interpol Brigade arrived at the scene after receiving the alarm message. For the first time, it inquired in detail about the vehicle characteristics of the stolen electric vehicle and retrieved the surveillance video of the crime scene and surrounding areas. Through meticulous combing and inquiry, the police learned that Ms. Zhang was equipped with a GPS anti-theft locator in the stolen electric vehicle.

Therefore, the police based on favorable evidence, through GPS positioning, found that the stolen vehicle has gone to the direction of Ruihong Town, and immediately drove to the GPS display location to find. At about 10 o'clock, with the assistance of the Ruihong police station, the police investigating the case in the electric vehicle store in Ruihong Town will be the suspect who is about to sell it. After investigation, the suspect Li was online in the Internet cafe and had been in an unemployed state. Since there was no economic source, he had the idea of stealing an electric motorcycle. At present, Li has been criminally detained in accordance with the law for alleged theft.

In recent years, theft of electric vehicles has occurred from time to time. Although many car owners have taken some anti-theft measures, they sometimes let the thieves succeed with a little carelessness. Electric vehicles are easy to be stolen, so for the current anti-theft measures, it is the most cost-effective to install GPS trackers on electric vehicles, which can effectively prevent electric vehicles from being stolen at a lower cost. Concox has been dedicated to the research and development of positioning terminals for 11 years, and 20000+ terminals have been successfully exported. Our electric motorcycle GPS trackers are dedicated to solving the problem of electric vehicle theft for users, including NB-IoT mode electric motorcycle terminals, intelligent boxes incorporating IOT technology, intelligent anti-theft locators capable of remotely controlling vehicles, etc.

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