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Due to being constantly bombarded with moisture and water, showers receive 414 times more water annually than what the roof of a house does. Such a tremendous and constant exposure to moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can take off as just a tiny spot and thereby become a horrid and hideous sight. In severe cases it can certainly become a blaring health hazard. Although, this is a common issue of most showers, you need not burn a hole in your pocket to tackle the mold menace.

Reasons for Mold to Take Place in the Shower

Wet, damp and moist environment propels the growth of mold. Your shower has a humid and wet environment which makes it easy for the mold to grow and spread in all the corners of the surface.

Why Shower Caulking is Bad ?

Most people thoughtlessly caulk the corners of their showers, which peels off due to excessive moisture, chemical cleaners and scrubbing. Once the caulk peels out of the corners, it causes the occurrence of mold. Mold initially takes root at the corners of the surface and then gradually grows throughout the entire shower within a few days. Caulking is one of the prime reasons behind the birth of mold.

Sealing Tile and Grout with Water Based Sealers

Most cheap restoration products which are used for bathroom tile grout repair consist of water based sealers. These sealers do not have the proper adhesive composition and therefore, they peel off the tile and grout within months, promoting the growth of mold and mildew.

pFOkUS understands the above mentioned issues leading to the growth of fungus and bacteria on the shower surface.

Therefore, we have specially designed the best revolutionary shower restoration products to put an end to all your hassles. Below we have discussed our quality products…

Imperia Deep Clean- the Best Cleaner to Stop Stains & Mold Growth

You can spray Imperia throughout the shower surface to eliminate mold and stain from the root. Imperia performs its duty with perfection, without damaging the integrity of the surface.


Caponi- Grout Lines Sealer

Caponi is a 2 part pigmented titanium resin which seals and protects grout. As grout is a porous and cement based element, it is important to seal it with a sealant to protect it from soaking moisture. Caponi’s composition is such that, it makes grout waterproof and halts the growth of mold permanently.

Sentura- the Perfect Substitute for Caulk

-          When caulk is applied to the shower environment, it cannot endure the moisture and constant scrubbing and thereby loses its adhesion in a short period of 6 months. When it peels and comes off the surface, it allows moisture to settle there and leads to the growth of mold. Sentura- the best caulk replacement product can be used to eliminate caulk.

-          Sentura has the power of 1200psi adhesion and is flexible epoxy/resin filler. It not only helps in protecting the corners of the surface with sleek lines, but also is the best bathroom tile grout repair product.

-          It can perfectly endure the harsh environment of the shower and magnificently protects the shower floors and walls. Further, Sentura can be used to repair cracked grout with precision as it is available in 40 varied colors to suit the décor of the house and shower.

Once you clean, sanitize and seal the grout and corners of the shower, do not stop with this step. Make sure that you spray Celine- a clear resin hydrophobic sealer all throughout the surface of the shower to seal the tiles and grout from moisture and staining. Grab all these products today without any further delay. Contact us at 404.551.3308 and buy your products.

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