FUE Hair Transplantation - Is It Permanent?

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When you are all set to undergo a hair restoration surgery, it is natural to wonder if the treatment is going to be permanent and effective in the longer run. Follicular Unit Extraction is a proven technique and a  permanent solution for your hair loss problem as it promotes stubborn hair growth. There might be several factors that are collectively or solely responsible for your thinning and receding hairlines eventually leading to hair loss and baldness. We are there to help you out in accurately detecting the problem with your hair loss and a promising solution of rendering the Best FUE hair transplant in Delhi.

What Is FUE Hair Transplantation?

In this method, the individual hair follicles are removed one by one by shaving the hair from the backside of your scalp. The individual grafts are then carefully inserted into the small slits or holes in the desired area where balding or thinning of hairs occur. The donor area is left with small holes which are covered with bandages that can heal quickly. When your scalp is completely healed, hair growth starts to occur where it covers the small holes of missing hair from the donor area.

What Causes Hair Loss?

In a male/female pattern hair loss, it is because of a hormone called dihydro testosterone (DHT), that binds to hair follicles and causes them to shrink. When follicles begin to shrink, obviously the hair starts to wither away one by one thereby causing receding hairlines and thinning at the scalp. However, hair loss is triggered by several other factors such as:

  • Emotional stress

  • Side effects of the medicines you consume

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Improper maintenance of your hair

  • Previous trauma to the follicles and hair

  • Sudden weight loss

How Do FUE Hair Transplants Work?

  • As hair transplantation is based on the concept of moving healthy hair follicles from one site to the affected site, the newly transplanted hairs should get accustomed to initiating their normal growth pattern.

  • Under local anesthesia, individual healthy hair follicles containing 1 to 4 hairs are removed from pre-decided donor area using tiny punches

  • The skin of the affected region is targeted to create small plugs in it.

  • In these plugs, the functional hair follicles are filled out in a very keen and dedicated manner.

  • This procedure makes the hair follicles to integrate with the circulatory system of scalp thereby ensuring unrivaled regeneration.

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Yes, absolutely hair transplants are proved to be universally efficient and it is the permanent treatment available. It is the artistic eye and skill of the surgeon that play a major role in bringing out the success in this procedure.

Generally, we consider the donor areas to be the back and sides of your scalp as these regions sustain more hair growth and hair density. The characteristic of hairs in the backside region is resistant to the hormone called DHT, which is primarily responsible for thinning and shedding. People have different sized donor areas depending on the pattern of hair growth and the bald region they have. The bigger is the donor area, more grafts will be available to implant into the regions of balding and thinning. The graft extraction is also spread across a wider area than restricting to a smaller area to avoid the abnormal appearance of hair in a particular area.

The results are impressive and it is actually a miracle cure as the treatment relies on the understanding of the biology of hair. However, the transplanted hairs do need some time to heal and grow properly but when combined with some growth-promoting medications, permanent and natural hair growth can be seen in a few months of time. The new hairs are also resistant to the effects of DHT, hence it can be grown hassle-free for the years to come.

In radiance cosmetic center, we make sure that the procedure is carried out in a very smooth and dedicated manner to derive maximum efficiency of rendering permanent hair growth. If you wish to have permanent hair growth by undergoing this transplant fix an appointment with us where we provide the best hair transplant in Delhi.

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