Hair Transplantation - Is it Dangerous?

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Hair loss is becoming a common problem nowadays which is prevalent both in men and women. Baldness and receding hairlines make you feel frustrated but this problem should be viewed with a medical perspective as your body was undergoing some changes that had provoked the hair fall. There might be several reasons behind your hair fall some of which are stress, genetic factors or heredity, nutrition deficiency, aging and much more. Irrespective of whatever is the exact cause, your wise decision should be nonetheless than choosing the best hair transplantation therapy. There are two types of hair transplantation which are Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). The radiance clinic provides the best Hair Transplant For Women In India that can be rendered safely without the fear of dangerous outcomes.

The Transplant Surgery

  • Hair transplantation is the process of removal of grafts containing hairs from one place to the other place where there is no or minimal hair growth.

  • These grafts may of micro-grafts that contain one or two hairs, mini grafts that contain few grafts and large grafts up to forty hairs.

  • Our surgeon decides and marks the area from where the grafts are to be taken as donor area and the area which receives these transplants as receptor region.

  • Local anesthesia is then applied in your donor region to produce immediate desensitization.

  • Using high precision instruments, the grafts are removed and are inserted into the tiny holes and slits the surgeon makes in your balding scalp.

  • The hairs taken out from the donor region has the ability to grow back again as it is taken from your backside where there is enough hair density.

  • The surgery is not time-consuming and it takes a maximum of 8 hours and you can able to go home the same day.

  • Depending on the area of coverage and density you wish to attain, several sessions can be needed.


For the first two days following the surgery, you may have pain, discomfort, and swelling. After several weeks, your newly placed hair fall out and it is quite common. This will start to grow back within three to four months with sufficient density. You might have to take a drug called finasteride so that you don’t lose any more naturally growing hair.

Risks and Dangers of Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation procedure is generally safe, but it can cause some risks that can be potentially minimized when it is performed under the guidance of a skilled surgeon with an excellent artistic eye. Though you experience a minimal risk, we extremely view it with caution where we have unique techniques to mitigate your risks.


When new locks start to grow, you may have some infection or inflammation of hair follicles called folliculitis. Antibiotics and Compresses can relieve this problem.


Almost all surgeries cause scarring and hair transplantation surgery is not an exception. However, when new hair growth occurs, it covers the area of scarring. Though a noticeable scar accompanied by bleeding is seen it heal with time. The intensity of scarring depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the skill of the surgeon.

Allergic Reaction

Sometimes, the local anesthesia administered during the procedure can carry the danger of an allergic reaction such as cardiac or central nervous system problems. Therefore we perform careful pre-examination before beginning the surgery.

Graft rejection

The surgery seems successful, but your body may reject the grafts which are transplanted. It does not create any physical harm. In our clinic, the surgery is performed to ensure the utmost compatibility such that the chance of rejection becomes less.

The radiance cosmetic center is the renowned Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi that provide promising hair transplant surgery for both men and women who have hair loss problem bothering them for years. Get that safest hair transplant from the hands of our surgeon where you can see successful outcomes within a matter of months without any signs of danger.

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