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Hair Transplantation is one of the quintessential and most significantly evolving strategies in plastic surgery. In this contemporary era, several improvements are accompanied in hair loss treatment techniques. The most recent technique FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) has made Hair Transplant Services & Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi reach a new height of success. The less recovery time and low visible scarring with the FUE technique encouraged a large group of balding males and females to opt for this aesthetic surgical solution to raise confidence and boost personalities. 

Panacea Global Hair Services is coming your way to diagnose and treat hair loss patients with the most advanced Bio FUE & Maximum Density Follicular Implant techniques at the most attractive Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant, also known as Hair Restoration, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Transplantation, Hair Loss Surgery, Hair Damage Treatment/Surgery, is a modern technique in which a bald area is filled with hair by extracting hair from the back of the scalp; the donor area.

Why is Hair Loss Treatment necessary?

It is necessary because hair loss represents and is the basic cause of distressing issues that, nowadays, have affected a large number of the population of every age group. This might include 70% of men and 30% of women. The incidents are growing continuously with both sexes. 

How is Hair Damage caused?

The most common cause of hair loss is androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, an androgen-sensitive hair loss pattern that affects both men and women. A strong family history would be the best herald of hair damage. Most often, baldness occurs in both men and women around the age of 30-40 years. This autosomal dominant genetic disorder might begin in teenagers and becomes more common with increasing age.

It is comprehended that Testosterone, a male hormone, is converted to 5-dihydroxy testosterone (5-DHT) another male hormone in the hair follicles. Due to this, hair follicles in the front and top of the scalp fall slowly and get more thin or fine over the passing years. This hormone not only affects hair growth but also makes hair disappear completely.

What are the 3 different phases of the Hair Growth Cycle?

Hair experiences a continuous transformation throughout life similar to other bodily tissues. Hair follicles are returned occasionally and undergo one of the three stages of the hair growth cycle at any given period. These are-

  1. Anagen Phase: An actively growing period of hair growth lasts 2-4 years.

  2. Catagen Phase: A brief period of morphological change or the involution time.

  3. Telogen Phase: A resting phase of the hair growth cycle is usually 100 days.

In humans, the total volume of scalp hair is approximately 100,000. Every month, hair grows at a constant rate of 1-2 cm. This rate gains in late summer and early autumn whilst declines in late winter and early spring, mainly because of climatic effects and temperatures. 

Norwood has classified male pattern baldness into seven different phases. Women, on the other hand, face frontal hairline loss and this has been classified singly by Ludwig.

FUE technique; A Modern Hair Transplantation Technique

It is, nevertheless, to say that several non-surgical procedures exist which may reduce the progression of Androgenic alopecia and can also help to grow new hair. The influence of digitalization and recent advancements in aesthetic surgical operations for the Hair Transplants has made FUE an increasingly effective, safe, efficient & reliable method for patients suffering from low self-esteem, negativity, and distress by androgen-sensitive baldness disorder to reachieve a fuller and natural appearance of their hair.

Certified Surgeons/Doctors of Panacea Global Hair Services Follow Steps while doing FUE Treatment


The candidate should be precisely evaluated in terms of age, color, hair volume, number of grafts required, and density of donor’s area are some of the important factors that affect the results. It is often noted that curly, wavy, and frizzy hair is the most suitable choice for transplant.

Preparation of Donor Area

Before getting the Hair loss Treatment, the patients are advised to shampoo their hair with betadine surgical scrub at least a day before and the same day of treatment as well. Then, the donor area is prepared by giving local anesthesia for the overall procedure. After this, the donor's hair is harvested using a single or double-bladed knife without damaging the hair roots.

Graft Preparation

Proper hydration of the harvested grafts in chilled saline solution is necessary as it enhances the survival chances of grafts throughout the treatment history.

Preparation of Recipient Area

The recipient area should be immersed in normal saline for a while, anesthesia is given, and the area should be turgid before any slits or holes are made.

Graft Insertion

The harvested grafts should be inserted into the balded area using the fine-angled forceps. Panacea Global Hair services employ certified & specialized surgeons who use an atraumatic technique for graft replacement.

Postoperative Care

Panacea Global Hair services discharge patients the same day without any bandages and provide post-treatment care by continuously supporting them after a few days of postoperative care. Our experts suggest washing hair with a mild shampoo or avoiding the use of helmets, and clothes that cover the head. This goes on for 2 to 6 months to promote the earlier growth of transplanted hair.

Panacea Global Hair Services in India:

Panacea Global Hair Services is providing the most cost-effective Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi for this modern Hair Transplantation Technique such as BIO FUE, Maximum Density Follicular Implant, which has a fast recovery time and low scarring effects as compared to other known old methods.

Why Panacea Global Hair Services?

  • Trust

  • Satisfaction

  • Safety

  • Well-equipped Clinic

  • The latest Technology Tools

  • Highly-trained Hair Transplant Surgeons/Doctors

  • No Hidden Cost

  • Desirable Results

  • Innovative Approaches

Highly Curated Services of Panacea Global Hair Services

  • FUE; Bio FUE & MDFI

  • Body, Eyebrow, & Beard Hair Transplant

  • Women Hair Transplant & Repair

  • PRP & Mesotherapy

  • Laser Hair Transplantation

  • Derma Roller 

Without giving a second thought to this, Book your consultation with us today and get a confident and healthy life with natural-looking hair density.

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