Five tips to enhance affiliate marketing sales on your mobile app

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Affiliate marketing is one of the few nifty ways you can earn money online. The concept is not entirely new. Even before the arrival of the internet, companies took out affiliate programs as a way to make more sales.

Since the online world is so connected, affiliate marketing becomes much more potent. The only real challenge is getting enough people to click through your affiliate links.

Entrepreneurs have the option of selling affiliate products on both websites and apps now. This only enhances their ability to sell more. No-code app making solutions like AppMySite have simplified app development to a great degree.

How does one make a sale on a mobile app? The art of marketing and sales has been around forever. In this piece, we highlight five key tips to enhance affiliate marketing sales on your mobile app.

#1 - Make sure app supports external products

More and more companies are bypassing custom app development and choosing no-code app makers. Even creating something as complex as a shopping app is simple now with tools like AppMySite enabling you to go from WooCommerce to app with an app builder.

Not all app makers allow users to show affiliate products on the app. This can hurt affiliate marketers who rely on selling external products to make a commission.

It is thus vital for you to choose an app maker that provides support for external products.

Support for external products simply means you can list third-party products on your mobile app. This increases your chances of making a sale and earning commissions.

AppMySite does in fact provide support for external products. You can display external products on your WooCommerce app built on AppMySite. All you need to do is add external products on your WooCommerce backend to display them on the app.

You can start creating an app for free on AppMySite. You can list your affiliate products as well as push popular blogs related to the products on your mobile app with AppMySite.

#2 - Write product-related blogs to educate visitors

Marketing funnels have been validated as a proven concept for many decades now. Even before online marketing came along, companies carried out many awareness campaigns to bring relevant prospects into the funnel.

There is no reason to suddenly not consider the marketing funnel, right? How do you then expect your customers to purchase affiliate products on your app based on pure instinct?

You need to take your prospects through a process of awareness and consideration before they make a purchase. This can be done with the help of product-related blogs.

Affiliate marketers are known for writing comprehensive blog posts on the affiliate products they plan to promote. Visit the website of a popular affiliate marketer and you will surely find high-ranking blog posts with in-depth information.

These blog posts don’t just exist to pull in traffic. They also play a key role in educating incoming visitors about the affiliate products.

As mentioned before, you can show both blog posts and product listing on your mobile app with AppMySite. You can thus write informative content for your mobile prospects and push them closer towards conversion.

It is important to remember though that you are writing for a mobile audience. Take into account the behaviour and habits of mobile users before pushing blog posts to your app. This will help ensure your content matches the needs of your customers.

#3 - Design home screen to promote products

Simply adding external affiliate products to your app is not enough. You need to make sure that customers can discover them easily. This brings to light the need for an optimal home screen design.

When people launch your app, they are most likely to arrive on the home screen. You cannot hope to make affiliate sales by making customers search for a product name. The home screen must itself provide optimal discovery to direct people to the affiliate product listing.

Designing the home screen is not as easy as it looks. You need to consider which products are likely to attract incoming visitors the most. The overall arrangement of different sections, product categories, and blog categories is also a key sticking point.

Ideally, you should experiment with different designs and choose one that your customers find most engaging.

#4 - Choose the right affiliate network

If you are new to affiliate marketing, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is adding products from big online stores like Amazon. These ecommerce giants have very popular affiliate programs. New affiliate marketers are thus naturally attracted to these programs.

Selling products from big online stores is not the only way to practice affiliate marketing. There are in fact many affiliate networks that promise greater commissions and conversions.

It is important that you research your niche well and select an affiliate network that suits your needs. Many popular networks often have low commission and conversion rates. You are instead better served working with niche online companies that offer greater commissions.

Let’s take an example. Assume you have a blog on new fashion trends and you’re looking for an affiliate network. You can either list products from Amazon and accept a lower commission rate or search for a company and product that fits your niche and delivers better commissions.

Remember, your goal is to maximize commissions. Choosing a good affiliate partner can double your earnings and make the whole process of running a mobile app worthwhile.

#5 - Exploit development and marketing trends

There are always some new trends prevalent in the world of mobile apps. Right now, the trend of choosing no-code free online app makers is popular as custom app development is fading away.

Similarly, there are a number of other trends in the world of app development and marketing. From Apple’s new privacy policies for the App Store to app localization and the fall of interruption marketing, change is rife in every segment.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to react to these trends and make changes where there are gains to be made.

Let’s take a simple example. Guest browsing and checkout is becoming very popular on shopping apps. This is because companies are starting to value user experience over needless onboarding. One simple way you can enhance your own app experience is thus enabling guest checkout.

Not every trend needs to be about next gene technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithmic commerce. Even a small change can improve app experience many fold.

Identify the trends that have the potential of enhancing your affiliate sales, downloads, and UX.

In conclusion

There is endless literature on the art of closing a sale. Whether you are selling your own products or promoting affiliate links, the end goal is still to make a sale.

Making a WooCommerce or WordPress app is very easy with the help of no-code app making solutions like AppMySite. The real challenge is now making sales on the same app. This piece provides five tips on enhancing affiliate sales on your mobile app.

You can avail much more literature on growing your affiliate sales. The points discussed here will set you on the right track.

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