Five mobile app design mistakes that can ruin the user experience

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Mobile apps have become more accessible for businesses in recent years. DIY app makers have taken over custom app development, making the industry more democratized and penetrable.

It has become easier to convert website to apk with online tools that are more affordable and efficient. However, no matter which avenue you explore for building your app, there are some fronts you cannot compromise on.

One such key aspect is mobile app design. Whether you are a developer yourself or you own a business that caters to mobile-friendly online customers, a well-designed app is a prerequisite.

However, there are some design mistakes that people tend to commit commonly, and that must be avoided at any cost. What are these mistakes and why they must be avoided, stay with us and find out!

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Five design mistakes you should avoid and rectify 

Go through our list and find out if you are also committing the following design mistakes. Rectify each of them and make your app experience flawless and smooth. Let us begin:

#1: Using erratic fonts

Many designers, developers and app providers often underestimate the role of fonts in their apps. It is something that you should not blindly experiment with. The fonts you use should align with the professional standards.

Using inconsistent fonts with erratic shape, size, calligraphy, and color can be a big turn off. It can affect the overall visual appeal of the app and make it look overburdened. Hence, always try to be consistent in your choice of font type, size, color, etc.

#2: Cramming content on screen

Congesting the screen with content is one of the gravest design mistakes you can commit. By putting too much content on the screen, you will only increase the cognitive load on users. This can lead to more abandonments than attraction.

 In fact, when designing an app, one should go by the rule “less is more” and try to make the content concise and crisp. De-clutter the app screens and try to use more white (blank) spaces. This will enhance the appeal of more prominent and significant elements on the screen and add more elegance to it.

#3: Placing inconsistent visuals

The images, videos, infographics, etc., that you place on the screen of the app, together constitute the visuals. This may include your banner images, product images, etc. However, if the visual elements and the background are not in contrast, it can kill the app experience.

Also, if the images are not placed in a hierarchical and coherent manner, it can make your app look gloomy and bulky. So, try to be more consistent with the choice of themes, colors, image size and type, and other similar elements.

#4: Ignoring the “thumb” rule

Most users access the screen of apps using their thumbs. In fact, any app that demands more than that can be seen as laborious. App designs that do not play by this rule can bitterly ruin the users’ experience.

With increased screen sizes and apps becoming more functional, this issue can become quite a challenge. However, you must try as much as you can. For instance, you can try placing the important icons at the end where the screen meets the bezel. This will make it more easily accessible.

#5: Not optimizing user flow

One of the most problematic design mistakes you can make is this! If the user flow is not optimized in your app, it may fail to lead users to where you desire them to be, and affect conversions ultimately.

Clearly, the app design should be intuitive enough to guide the users and redirect them to the next step. Basically, it should speak for itself. Optimize the flow of the process by laying out a clear design hierarchy and implementing it in the app.

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Wrapping up!

That was all from our end today! Be more cautious going forward and avoid the design mistakes listed above. Else, just opt for the easier road and build your app in a more convenient and flawless way.

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