Facts about PGD for Gender Selection

by Goral Gandhi Doctor
PGD or Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnostics comes as a set of procedures undertaken by certain fertility specialists on an embryo. This medical process has been deemed as a landmark achievement in the world of medicine and firstly developed in around the 80s. It was initially created to diagnose any kind of defects in the embryos. Over the years, PGD, along with In Vitro fertilization, also known as IVF, has been used to ascertain the gender of the future baby. Even though it has been deemed as unethical and illegal in certain countries and communities, it can come up with a lot of other benefits. The couple can diagnose any kind of defects in the embryo, which could further impact the health and wellness of their future child.

PGD for gender selection in India

PGD for gender selection in India is only been allowed via IVF and else been considered as an unethical process in the country. To get along with the same, you first need to check about the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis cost in India and that will plan up your IVF journey further. In the wake of this fact, Mumbai comes as the leading city which comes along with some good IVF centers around. PGD IVF in Mumbai can be achieved by searching on to some best IVF clinics around in the city. On the other side, PGD treatment in Mumbai may not cost you much.

What is the process?

Initially, embryos are produced whilst using the IVF process and the same then gets examined by the fellow medical experts to check through any kind of defects or abnormalities. Once the health of an embryo is validated along with the specific gender, the same is now ready to be implanted into the uterus of the intended mother. This is where the couples can avoid using the defected embryos which may affect the long term health of their future child. Once the embryo is implanted, the medical experts can then go about the natural conception process. It all depends on the couple’s willingness whether they would like to preserve the remaining healthy embryos or not.

While embryos which come along with genetic disorders haven’t been used, this process has been termed as useful by many. We all understand that the success rate of carrying child of certain gender is quite high and it would help couples who would like to get a future child of different gender altogether. There are certain theories in place which deems PGD as an unethical process, given to the decision by the couple for discarding the unhealthy embryos which cannot be used for the conception process. This came as quite a sensitive issue to many as the embryo is also considered as a human life so PGD has resulted in its abortion in a certain way. Just like every other medical process, gender selection also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but it still need be taken care as per the approved norms of the society and law of the respective country.

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