Tackling Through the High Sperm Fragmentation Issue

by Goral Gandhi Doctor
Men are often been ignored in regards to the role played by them during the conception process. This is generally due to the simplicity of the contribution made by men in the same aspect but they still play a key role in the overall pregnancy process. Talking about male infertility, high sperm fragmentation comes as one of the major aspects of the same.

What is High sperm fragmentation and what are the reasons behind it?

High sperm fragmentation can be quoted as a medical situation where a number of sperm cells in the human body are carrying along a lot of damaged DNA in the process. It’s only once the overall presence of this damaged DNA reaches the 25% mark, it can be considered as a clear indication to the initiation of the infertility issue within the male body. On the other side, once the same percentage reaches the 50% mark, we can then say that the medical situation has reaches a critical stage and further diagnosis and treatment for the same is required.

If we look around for some of the major causes and reasons behind the same medical situation, there are certain lifestyle and health factors which are below mentioned:

  • Any sort of infection around the testicle region or a general fever or flu
  • varicocele, which comes as a medical condition involving swelling of the veins inside the testicles
  • Over exposure to heat and radiation which may come out extended heated car or bike seats, usage of laptop on your lap, cycling, usage of saunas or Jacuzzis or having mobile phones in your pocket.
  • Increasing age and excessive smoking 
  • Side effects and allergies out of certain medicines
  • Overexposure to certain harmful chemical based products like pesticides, paints and so on
  • Obesity and diabetic issues

How to Diagnose and treat high sperm fragmentation

Once a male is diagnosed for high sperm fragmentation issue, there are higher chances that the eggs fertilized with the sperm will be carrying the same DNA issue within. This, in turn would lead to lower chances of pregnancy and even if it goes successful, there are bigger probabilities that the person might go through miscarriage within her first trimester.

If we talk about the treatment for the same, the person diagnosed with the issue forts needs to go through a PGS (Pre genetic screening) process where all the damaged embryos created out of the sperm can be figured out. There will be a loss of certain embryos during the process and that’s where an IVF treatment steps into the picture whilst letting the person producing multiple eggs at the same time. This way, there will be some good number of embryos fertilized and developed in the process, while getting diagnosed for any damaged DNA via PGS. This is where there will be a possibility of getting  at least few embryos which will be helpful in the pregnancy process without the presence of any damaged DNA issue out of high sperm fragmentation.

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