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What is Low AMH:

Anti Mullerian hormone or AMH is a hormone secreted by the granulose cells in the ovarian follicles which are responsible for creating the egg reserves. AMH production is highest in preantral and small antral stages of development.  Since AMH reflects the number of eggs that are maturing in the ovaries on their way to ovulation, AMH levels are strong indicators of a woman’s ovarian reserve- the ability of ovaries to produce good quality eggs. The higher level of AMH denotes that the woman has more number of eggs. AMH levels can be tested by a simple blood test.

AMH levels based on age: 

Age (in years)  AMH value (in ng/ml)

25 – 30              5.4
30 – 35              3.5
35 – 40              2.3
40 – 43              1.3
43 and above     0.7

What are the causes of low levels of AMH?

The reasons why levels of AMH are high in some females and low in others are not deterministic. The causes of low AMH can depend on the person’s individual conditions as well as a lot of other conditions too.  Some of the causes of low AMH in women are:

Hormonal disorders: The hormones like progesterone and estrogen are responsible for maintaining the fertility levels, in case of imbalance in the hormonal levels the AMH levels are affected too.

Age: The fertility levels in the female decreases with the increasing age. While there may be other factors responsible but increasing age reduces the levels of AMH in the females.

Stress: Stress is another factor that affects the AMH levels in women. Those who are under constant stress and mental pressure tend to face low fertility due to decreased AMH levels.

Improper nutrition: Unhealthy diets contribute majorly in low AMH levels in any female.

Endometriosis: It is a condition in which the uterine tissue grows outside the uterus instead of inside, thus decreasing the levels of AMH.

What is an AMH test and how is it performed:

An AMH test is a normal blood test performed to measure the hormonal levels. It requires 3 ml of blood and this test can be performed anytime, even during the menstrual phase as the AMH levels do not change even during the menstrual cycle. The reports for the tests are delivered in a couple of hours.

Symptoms of low AMH:

Symptoms of low AMH are not too many or very explicit but poor menstrual cycle or irregular periods are faced by women with low AMH.

Treatments for low AMH:

There are various types of treatments for women who have low AMH. They can be of following types:

Natural ways of treating low AMH includes Yoga and acupuncture. Other than the natural ways the medical treatments of treating low AMH to get a successful pregnancy are-

Opting for an IVF treatment- IVF has been a very successful procedure for the couples who are unable to have a baby through normal means due to various reasons. Women with low AMH are also bearers of infertility due to poor ovarian reserve. In this case also going in for an IVF treatment makes them overcome this issue. An IVF treatment begins with the collection of eggs, more number of eggs means better chances of developing multiple healthy embryos. To release more eggs stimulation injections are given. Scans are done to keep a check on the serum levels and the development of the follicles. The eggs are then retrieved and fertilized with the sperm either in a petri dish or injecting them right into the egg. The resulting embryo is then placed into the uterus.

Using an Egg donor to achieve pregnancy- Obtaining a good number of eggs for an IVF treatment is the most important part of the process.  Women with a low AMH may not be able to produce the required amount of eggs to form a healthy embryo successfully. In such cases egg donors are considered. The procured eggs go through the same process of IVF.

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