Factors to consider while picking granite countertop or flooring

by Dikambwar Gupta Marbles Dealers Company in Kolkata

Having a good countertop or flooring significantly enhances the appearance of your kitchen and home. Granite countertops or flooring are the best choice available when looking for an upgrade in the kitchen or home. Granite is widely used because of its beauty and resilient properties. But there is no granite stone alike, each of them is unique and therefore it can be quite difficult to pick the best.

Here are a few factors that you must consider while picking granite countertops or flooring:-

Consider location

Location plays a very important part while picking up your granite top. You must consider these important factors like moisture level, foot traffic and slip resistance required for the area you want granite to be installed. Like if you want granite tile flooring for your home, you must keep in mind that floors get slippery when wet, so your best choice would be to get the honed flooring which is an all purpose flooring. You should go with the polished granite countertop for your kitchen. For different areas in your home you need different kind of granite tiles.


Durability is the first thing that pops into your head when you buy any product. And with granite flooring or countertops, it is a very big investment. You definitely will not want to repeat the expenditure again and again. But by choosing granite you have already made the right decision because granite is known for its durability. It is a very hard stone and is super tough. You can extend its life by just an application of sealer done by a professional.


Granite countertops and flooring are very easy to maintain. As said earlier it is a very tough stone and therefore does not scratch or chip. All you need is a professional sealer to apply on your granite top once every two years. This stone is naturally designed to be durable.

Degree of use

Granite is a very sturdy stone and therefore scratches and stains have no effect on it. Placing hot items or cutting on granite will never damage the surface. 

Leave it to the Pros

Granite or any natural stone has special considerations for installation and is a labour intensive process. It is recommended leaving this one up to the pros.




Choosing the right colour is a very overwhelming process. Granite offers numerous options – blues, reds, browns, neutrals, blacks; and all of it also has many different tones. With these huge arrays of colours available, while choosing your granite countertop you must consider the decor of the entire room. For your kitchen countertops you can choose the same colour as your kitchen cabinets which will give it a modern and contemporary look or a colour contrast from the cabinets because they will anyhow look different from your cabinets because of their natural colour. You can also opt for a solid colour which also looks amazing. It is better to narrow down on the colours before you visit the dealer.

Tip: Rarer colours, like blues, reds, and purples, tend to be more expensive because they are not very common. Red and brown stones are a little harder and more difficult to cut, which is the reason to put the price up a little. The lighter colours, like beige, white, and greens, are more common and easier to cut, which means that they typically are among the least expensive colours to choose from.

Now when you visit any granite dealers these factors will help you choose the right product. Let your granite Tiles suppliers know what exactly you are looking for and you will end up with your dream kitchen countertop or flooring.

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