Everything you need to know about Destiny 2 to be the new MVP

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'Destiny' is back, for the first time for PC. And with him the epic of half-colonized worlds, light science fiction, role-playing, dancing and shooting mechanics better greased than ever. Because if something knows how to do 'Destiny 2', the first person shooter crossed with MMO, is to aim at the head, to that gene that makes us addicted to the fast game. To know more follow Destiny 2 carry here.

But it is also cerebral. Because it is almost impossible to measure without planning the play, without being part of something bigger. And as we all remember how difficult the beginnings are, seeing how some players triple your level, here are those key tips that others learned late and badly, the notes that will place you just above the top, where the juiciest engrams appear.

Previously on Destiny

Let's go to the beginning. The history of the first Destiny was rich in nuances but its narrative lacked details. Because of its intended parkiness, we could barely see what was cooked through the Grimoire cards and not within the game itself. In summary, we can say that 'Destiny' began in media res, trying to answer the unknowns of the past.

A magnificent space for eSports

As you can intuit, here there is enough substrate for speculation, for those devout users who collude on the different narrative lines. Something of the MMO. In fact, it was Lars Bakken himself, chief designer,  who pointed out that it would be the community who would make the last decision: that 'Destiny 2' is transformed into an eSports as it was already 'Halo', Bungie's previous saga, it is up to us same.

Choosing your guardian

'Destiny 2' has the same three classes from the previous installment: Titan, the classic tank, first-line unit that creates shields and very effective in the melee; Sorcerer, lighter and focused on support-healing, friend of the fragmentary grenade and double impulse; and Hunter, more stealthy, long-distance shooting and dash to avoid attacks.

And learning their skills

In the case of Titan, as you will see, our advice is that you take advantage of your barricade to reload ammunition and become a human turret. You can block short roads and put on your boots killing rivals. You can also throw your shield by pressing L1, making it an offensive weapon to Captain America. Oh, and take advantage of enemy swords whenever you can to make devastating charges and attacks.

Go for exotic engrams

If you played the first 'Destiny' you will remember: the engrams - those colored pieces that hide armament, pieces or clothing - common or white are worthless. The greens, well, could help you in the first levels. The blues will be interesting towards the end of the campaign. But it is from the legendary (purple) and exotic (yellow) where the system gets interesting, where your arsenal becomes your sign of identity.

A hummingbird at the first exchange

Yes, just now we said that completing the campaign is crucial to mediate the cooperative structure. But we can always speed up processes with some tombola. To obtain our Hummingbird ship we need, in theory, to carry out all the missions of the Red War.

Everyone wants the Mida Multitool

Another nuance that can help you balance the game is, of course, the best weapon in the game. Once you have finished the campaign, with level 20, accept the adventure 'Alter!' (in the Dead Zone Europe) from the Trostlandia map. You will remember it for a church in ruins. You will have to go bypassing enemies until you reach an area that is accessed through underground tunnels. There you will wipe out the Arsenal Walker. Well done, but you've only achieved the first part.

Survive at all costs

Let's be honest: the greater the risk, the greater the benefit. So if you want to quickly meditate on 'Destiny' you must play it. And nothing better than through Survival Mode. If the Crucible is home to good rewards, Survival is home to the best.

Judging 'Destiny 2' is more difficult than playing it: we are facing something in permanent mutation, which will arrive more raids, more changes in the matchmaking - every 90 days disembark new equipment and small mechanical changes, even economic, that will define the style -. As we said at the beginning, it is up to you, as a player, to set the guidelines for the future.

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