EVERYTHING you need to know about Destiny 2 Weapons

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The weapons are our main tool in Destiny 2, the need to address the threats and challenges of the game. In this sequel to the Bungie title, there have been important changes from the original title in this section, so it is important to know some details in depth.

Below, due to our Destiny 2 cheats and tips guide, we will tell you about all the information you need to know about Destiny 2 weapons, you will know their peculiarities, types of damage, and much more to be a better Guardian.

Weapon types in Destiny 2

Destiny Guide 2 - Types of Weapons

In this sequel the weapons are divided into three different classes :

Kinetic: main ammunition (white).

Energetic: special ammunition (green).

Destructive: heavy ammunition (purple).

Each of these classes is part of a slot or weapon slot , with which you can always carry a weapon from each of these classes at the same time, and they can be found in different types ; hand cannons, scout rifles, automatic, pulse, fusion, shotguns, machine guns, etc.

The important change in this regard is that we can now carry, for example, two hand cannons (one that is kinetic and one that is energetic), or the type of weapon that we prefer. Also any Guardian class can use all weapons.

How elemental weapon damage works

On the other hand, it is necessary to know that some weapons have different elemental damage, these are:

  • Destiny Guide 2 - How Elemental Weapon Damage Works - Bow Arc Elemental: This is an electrical damage, related in game to the color blue.

  • Destiny Guide 2 - How Elemental Weapon Damage Works - Void Void Elemental: This is a void damage, in-game related to purple.

  • Destiny Guide 2 - How Elementary Weapon Damage Works - Solar Solar Elemental: It is a fire damage, related in the game with the color orange.

In the kinetic weapons slot you will not find too many weapons that cause elemental damage, but in the energetic and destructive ones you will. In the first hours of the game, elemental damage may not be taken into account, but in the endgame it becomes very important since there will be multiple enemies that are more vulnerable to one or the other and will be vital for the most difficult challenges such as Raids or Nightfall assaults.

How to get and find the best weapons?

Destiny 2 Guide - How to find the best weapons in the game

Weapons have different degrees of rarity , which determine the potential they can have:

Common: white.

Uncommon: green.

Rare: blue.

Legendary: purple.

Exceptional: gold.

The rarer they are, the better power they have, as well as special attributes and perks. Obviously the best weapons in the game are also the rarest, unique, and hard to come by. We refer to exceptional (or exotic) weapons , of which we have an extensive section of our guide in which we explain how you can get them step by step.

Now, in general, the other weapons in the game can be obtained through many methods , whether completing adventures, missions, raids, assaults ... Most of the weapons you will get as a reward are usually leveled at your base Light Power.

Find golden chests

On the other hand, there is one very interesting thing you can do to try to find good weapons in the game. This method involves looking for golden chests that are usually hidden on stage. To find them, open the map when you are on a planet and notice some small white icons that look like a double cross.

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