Enterprises Beware: Cybersecurity Challenges on the Cloud!!

by Sheri Francis SEO Expert
The enormously increasing cyber attacks are making it hard for businesses to keep their sensitive data safe and are facing serious consequences. To stay ahead of cybersecurity challenges on the cloud, follow these tactics.

The new era enterprises have a vast number of dependencies on the cloud including storage, computing, data analytics, business productivity and much more. The increasing utilization of cloud storage within enterprises has incited the demand of new and effective security needs. The enormously exceeding integration rate of QuickBooks cloud computing and enterprises have become the norm which allows employees to share sensitive information in and out of the enterprise unchecked. As revealed in the research, the average estimation of enterprise workloads currently (in 2018) running in the cloud is 60% which will increase in near time. It is obvious that complete control over data and devices used by employees in a BYOD environment is hard. As the data is originated outside of the company network, it is difficult to control the unstructured data including emails, images, videos and presentations. It is clear from the immense flow of data that traditional techniques of protecting data are no more sufficient. Enterprises to protect their data must need to safeguard their data from these cybersecurity challenges:
  • Mobile Devices Delivers Both; Convenience & Risk
Almost every enterprise make use of mobile in today’s time as it is more like a necessity if you want to be ahead in the market. But with ease of anywhere access, they bring security issues as well. Most of the mobile security issue arises when a person connects their mobile with unsecured network i.e free Wi-Fi in the coffee shop or download numerous free Apps that leads to a big threat. Google itself removed 700,000 potentially harmful apps from Google play store in the year 2017. No matter what security enterprises are using these days, data can be accessed via any location without delivering a hint to its actual owner.
  • IoT Devices Offer Chances to Hackers
Most of the enterprises make use of inter-connected devices in their environment to automate processes without understanding the pain it caused to the network. Just like Internet routers, IoT devices can also be easily hacked and compromised by external or internal attacks. The number of insecure IoT devices that carries an enormous risk of data loss is exceeding indescribably. According to a prediction done by IDC, it is estimated that there will be over 80 billion smart devices on the internet by 2025. The simple truth that enterprises are not aware of is, most IoT devices have little to no security enabled. How to manage security in this wild west? We all know that end-users are not the one to blame for implementing security measures. The day-by-day increasing data is tough to manage by users as it may put the enterprise at risk. It is also important to keep in mind that both internal and external concerns are equally destructive when it comes to data sensitivity. As the world surrounds us becoming more technology-centric, we should also need to change our security approaches based on the real world. Encrypting every single bit of data that we work upon is a must. This practice will minimize the chances of the data breach as all of our data is digitally secured with us. We need to understand the way employees do their work since transparency in security measures will help them to do better and stress them less. In today’s data-driven world, every enterprise needs to focus on the cloud-based techniques to stay ahead of threats and scams.

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