Challenges Enterprises Face in case of Disaster Recovery

by Qais Noori digital marketer

Challenges Enterprises Face in case of Disaster Recovery

It is not about if you’re going to have a disaster it is when you are going to have a Disaster.  Organizations face a disaster like smoking level, hurricane or the earthquake that everybody would expect for a bigger regional disaster but that is only 3%. It is a very small number of occurrences. In reality, you will likely to get hit with a single occurrence whether it be like network attacked by ransomware, server crashes. Those are most likely types of events and unfortunately for most organizations, their clients are less forgiving on those type of events.

When you are not prepared often times you can get sympathy in case of big regional event, they understand everybody been impacted but when it is just a single site it is just you and when you haven’t prepared for it than in that case clients will be very less forgiving and on top of that you have to look at in case of a disaster what is the real cost and are you prepared for it. There are numerous studies out there but according to Gartner three out of five companies that experience a prolonged outage will be out of business within two years.

If we look at our world today everything is becoming digital. Most of the times you will have the Disaster Recovery strategy or business continuity strategy and it would be a manual step. What do we do manually to solve this problem if we will have a Disaster Recovery event and the problem that you have now is most of these business functions that we don’t have a manual step and as in this world everything is so digital that you need to have a plan for it?

Another thing that we should discuss is how can we provide our self-protection from the disaster recovery?

These are the five challenges we see today regarding Disaster Recovery

·        We are going to have a disaster

·        It is going to cost you

·        You will be asked to do more with fewer resources

·        Everything is going digital

·        What is the right solution?

Cloud Backup to Ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

When we talk about the Business Continuity, Business Continuity is an ongoing process and it is not a onetime event but it’s looking at the lifecycle of your business. It is an ongoing process for the organizations about of how do they do? How do they protect? How do they assess the risk? How do they analyze? What are they going to need? And it is looking at all the aspects of the business.

Basically Disaster Recovery is not Business Continuity. Disaster Recovery is a part of Business Continuity planning. It is an integral part and it supports most of the business applications.  Business Continuity should be run by the business, and Disaster Recovery should be a piece of Business Continuity. With Veeam Cloud Connect Disaster Recovery Solution can be provided easily and their customers need not to worry about their Business Continuity. Cloud Storage solutions with Veeam Cloud Connect helps their customers to secure data at multiple locations and in case of any disaster or site failover that data can be recovered easily.

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