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Each product will have different designs, different designs for different purposes, LED lighting design reliability to include: electrical safety, fire safety, applicable environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, safe use of time, and other factors. From an electrical safety point of view, should comply with the relevant international and national standards. Because LED is a new product, the Chinese national standard lag, but the state provides product qualification testing. With international safety certification (such as GS, CE, UL, etc.) and LED lighting price national product quality certification must be high because these products are designed to be safe and reliable. Consumer attention is to carefully identify the certificate of authenticity, there are now international safety certifications and national product certification are not many manufacturers.

From the health aspect, the use of non-toxic materials designed product prices to be high, especially indoor LED lighting, do not choose the smell of cheap LED lighting, LED manufacturers are currently only a few are non-toxic material production, to identify ways directly with the nose respectively, the smell of the product much lower price than those without odor. Professionals need a similar analysis of lead, mercury, cadmium, and other toxins.

From the application of environmental security perspective, a reliable dust-proof design, material fire, UV, anti-low temperature cracking price LED products is high. The main technical parameters are LED luminous intensity, color, wavelength, color temperature, and so on. Here we give a brief introduction to these parameters.

Luminous Intensity; IV

Light intensity is defined as the unit solid angle emitted luminous flux, in units of Candela (cd). In general, the light source will be in different directions with different intensity luminous flux emitted in the visible radiation intensity in a specific direction of the unit solid angle emitted light intensity that is called.


The human eye's perception of color is a complex process, the visual sense in order to quantify the color description, the International Association of Lighting (CIE) according to the standard observer's visual experiments, the human eye to different wavelengths of radiation due to record, calculate the red, green, and blue color matching function, after obtained after mathematical transformation called CIE1931 Color Matching Function (x ((), y ((), z (()), and according to this matching function, the subsequent development of a number of colors metric definition, make it possible to describe the use of color, according to CIE1931 color matching functions, the human eye is visible to XYZ stimulus values expressed by the following formula obtained by converting x, y values, namely CIE1931 (x, y) chromaticity coordinates, through this unified standard description of color would have to be quantified and controlled. led explosion proof lighting


Which is a secondary color with a dominant wavelength of Time represented described, in percent, is defined as the chromaticity coordinates of the test piece E chromaticity coordinates of the light source to the straight-line distance between the test piece E dominant wavelength of the spectrum locus. LED Underwater Fishing Lights

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