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With the continuous development of modern agriculture and energy demand in the expanding agricultural lighting, lighting for traditional agricultural techniques as well as new challenges. As a new generation of the LED light source, in addition to eco-friendly features, compared to traditional fluorescent lamps commonly used in agriculture or high-pressure sodium lamps and another artificial light source, with an adjustable amount of light, light quality adjustable cooling load is low and allow to improve the quantity per unit area of cultivation and other characteristics, there on the closed-loop control of agricultural production environment, such as plant tissue culture room is a very suitable artificial light.

From 2010, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation with a large container transformed into a "plant factory", and LED light for photosynthesis of crops. So far, LED lighting applications in the field of plants gradually began. In fact, many overseas companies have begun to layout plant LED lighting market, competition is carried out quietly. Following the establishment of the plant, Philips LED lighting factory, Osram, ENELTEC, and other enterprises also have some action in this area.

2014, the global lighting industry leader in Chicago Philips and agribusiness Green Sense Farms (GSF) cooperation established using LED grow light for indoor farm crop-specific, but also one of the world's largest indoor farm.

It is understood that the indoor farm Philips LED "light recipes", GSF year harvest will be 20-25 times, and save 85% of energy. This will significantly improve crop yields, reduce operating costs, and can continuously provide consumers with locally grown fresh vegetables throughout the year to ensure sound nutrition and health of consumers.

GSF has invested millions of dollars, will be equipped with two indoor environmental control growth heights of 7.62 meters 14 planting towers, and Philips energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to grow certain crops. LED lamps at low temperatures, can be placed at the optimal position on the closer from plants, it is possible to ensure that all parts of a plant obtain exactly the same illuminance. This approach to eliminate the harmful pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives used to make an organic increase yield, and almost no chemical added, and the modern pursuit of high-quality green and healthy life purpose coincide.

GE Lighting announced in July 2014, and specializes in vegetable cultivation venture company in Miyagi Tagajō cooperation to develop the use of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is completely artificial light type plant factory. Regardless of the weather, every day harvest 10,000 stable quality lettuce.

Plant cultivation compared with LED lighting and fluorescent lamps, power consumption can be reduced 40 percent, by irradiating light for growing vegetables, can harvest increased by 50%. Further, adjusting the light can speed up the artificial dark cycle. Make plant growth rate of more than 2.5 times when the outdoor field cultivation.

ENELTEC is trying to expand market penetration in agriculture and fisheries. LED bulb costs and fierce competition in the market plummeted, leading LED packaging factory profit margins to shrink, therefore billion light trading tentacles are actively toward new plant lamp, fish lamp applications, such as agriculture and fisheries extension to take the company to inject more large revenue contribution. led explosion proof lighting

ENELTEC chairman, said, LED chip serious oversupply, resulting in the average selling price (ASP) and gross profit declined rapidly dropping, plus the price of LED bulbs is rapidly lowered, LED packaging factory jointly implicate profits shrink, the future will actively expand the business, emerging applications and the street outside the city home account, such as plant lights, and other agricultural and fishery fish lamp lighting. LED Underwater Fishing Lights

LED plant factories with high-density planting, stable production, low energy consumption, and environmental pollution, urban production can reduce transportation, urban greening, and many other advantages. The future of agriculture from outdoors to indoors, a new urban landscape.

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