EMBRYO TRANSFER: The whole example to Single & Multiplied Embryo Transfer.

by Hitesh Joshi Digital Marketer

Embryo Transfer:

An embryo transfer is the last part of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) method.

During IVF, fertility medicines are used to excite the ovaries into releasing healthy eggs.

Once the fertilized eggs have increased, the embryos transferred to the woman’s uterus.

What is Single embryo transfer-?

The number of embryos to be transferred into the patient's uterus is set after discussion between the medical team and therefore the couple.

Most often, an embryo is transferred in order to avoid multiple pregnancies, but it also happens that two, three, or even exceptionally three embryos are transferred.

What is Multiple embryo transfer-

The transfer of the embryos depends majorly on the age of the partner, her background and history, the couple's desire towards transfer of the amount of embryos, but also it is based on the morphological aspect of the embryos and their condition.

Indeed, if any embryo is in a position to evolve and provides birth to a healthy child, some embryos are more likely to implant than others. As this probability of implantation can be assessed thanks to the appearance of the embryos under a microscope, this is an important parameter which must be taken into account on the day of transfer.

It is also possible to transfer embryos at a more advanced stage of their development to the stage called a blastocyst.

Embryo transfer success rate-

This embryonic stage is usually obtained after three days of additional culture within the laboratory.

The transfer is therefore carried out five days after the follicular puncture.

The embryo transfer is administered employing a flexible and thin catheter containing the embryos. This catheter is introduced into the uterus after placing a speculum.

When the catheter is in place, the doctor deposits the embryos by gently pressing the syringe.

The replacement of embryos is most often performed under ultrasound which allows to correctly placing the catheter and allows us to see the correct positioning of the embryos regardless of the size or position of the uterus.

When the embryos are in the uterine cavity, the catheter is then gently removed. The patient can then resume a normal life, however without too violent effort.

This transfer of embryos, an easy gesture, doesn't require anaesthesia or hospitalization.

Sometimes other treatments are often combined, especially anticoagulants by subcutaneous route counting on the patient's history or associated pathologies.

A blood HCG beta test is performed from the 14th day after the puncture, to detect the onset of pregnancy. The pregnancy will then be confirmed by ultrasound four weeks after the transfer.

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