Major tests to be done before undergoing the IVF treatment

by Hitesh Joshi Digital Marketer
Infertility has become a common cause these days and there are many men and women that are suffering from this problem in recent times. The number of people that are suffering from this problem has only increased in the past few years. But the medical world is up to the task and has come up with various treatments and procedures that have helped a great deal in overcoming the problem of infertility.

One of the most common treatments that are being used to overcome the problem of infertility is In Vitro Fertilization which is also known as IVF. The technique has been a blessing for all those who are suffering from the problem of infertility. But most of the doctors tend to recommend various tests before undergoing the IVF Treatment. So as a patient, you need to know what tests need to be done before IVF so that you can go for them with full confidence.

These tests help you to ensure those common problems such as miscarriage, any infection, and any abnormal sign in the embryo or any disease can be detected before the procedure. It thus helps to get the better of these problems and make sure that the procedure is completely safe and sound. Here is a look at some of the tests that are needed to be performed before undergoing the IVF procedure:

Reserve testing of the ovary:

The first test that you need to undergo if you want to undergo IVF is the reserve testing of the ovary. It can also be called a simple hormonal test which helps in determining the number of eggs in the human ovary.

FSH, Estradiol, and AMH are the hormones that are specifically tested in this procedure. The AMH gives a rough idea about the number of eggs remaining while high levels of FSH helps in determining how quickly the ovarian reserve is being depleted of eggs.

Tubal patency test:

Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) is one of the most significant tests which are being conducted before the IVF. When you go for a normal x-ray or ultrasound, you cannot get to see whether the fallopian tubes that are used to carry the eggs are working or blocked. This is where this special ultrasonic test is helpful as it gives you the crystal clear view of your fallopian tubes.  The contrast agent is inserted into your fallopian tube while performing the ultrasound which helps the doctor in assessing whether the tube is blocked or is operations. It helps the doctor in determining whether it is right to go for the IVF or not. It is the most important test performed before undergoing IVF and all the doctors recommend it.

Evaluation of semen:

Before performing any kind of treatment to get the better of infertility, it is better to have an evaluation of the semen. In this treatment, a sample of your semen is collected and it is sent to the laboratory for further evaluation.
The main factors that are looked at are the shape, motility as well as the concentration of the sperm. In those cases, where the male partner is having infertility, ICSI is recommended by the doctors.

Prolactin test:

Another important test that is needed to be performed before going for the IVF treatment is the prolactin test. It is one of the key tests for IVF treatment in which the quality and concentration of prolactin which is the most important element for breast milk production is tested. The results of prolactin tests help the doctors to assess which kind of drugs is suitable for a particular woman to enhance the milk production capabilities. The doctors observe the test results quite minutely and make sure that they come up with the best drugs.

Screening test:

Whether you undergo IVF treatment or any other treatment, it is always better for you to go for the screening test before undergoing the procedure. When you screen for infectious diseases, you are making sure that your newborn baby will be safe and healthy. 

There are various infectious diseases that are transmitted from the mother to the child and thus you need to have a look at all these important results. In these tests for IVF, symptoms of diseases like Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Varicella, and Rubella are tested.

Mock embryo transfer test:

This is an optional test that helps you to know how your body is working after the embryo transfer. So, a mock embryo is transferred and the results are examined.

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