Eliminate Framed Glass Shower Door Leaks and Mold Growth in Shower

by PFOkUS F. Buy Frameless Shower Door Sweep

Constant and unattended shower door leaks lead to mold and mildew on the surface. While there are varied reasons for mold growth in showers, but the main reasons are shower door leaks and usage of caulk in the shower joints. Read on to know how to fix framed glass shower door seals to avert leaks and also, the best shower caulk substitute.

Most households opt for caulks in order to seal joints or cracks from the intrusion of water, air, dust, insects and mold. There is a high demand for a variety of caulks like acrylic, silicone and the likes as they are cheap and also a quick fix for cracked grout repair. Nevertheless, caulking fizzles out within months.

Reasons to Avoid Caulking

-          When caulk is applied to the corners of a surface, it eventually dries up, peels and cracks within months of application. In wet environments like shower surfaces, it peels and washes out from the corners. Caulk loses its bonding power when chemical loaded cleaners are applied, which results in stubborn staining.


-          It is a common practice to apply caulk around the corners of showers. This is done in order to stop moisture from settling around the shower surface. But unfortunately, caulk loosens it’s bonding power with time and makes way for the birth of mold and mildew in the humid clad environment of showers.


Meet Sentura

Imagine a shower with the best quality faucets, stylish paints and an elegant bathtub. Now think about coating the corners of this shower and bathtub with bulky caulks. It is certainly an extremely saddening visual to behold! But Sentura- the best caulk replacement product will make the art of restoration second nature to you. It is a magnificent cracked grout repairing product which will make sure that you do not use caulk for any application, however small the job might be. Whatever be the environment; dry, humid or hot, Sentura remains unaffected and serves its functionality thoroughly.

Now that you know how to bid adieu to the caulking menace, we will give you a solution on how to fix a leaking shower door to halt mold growth.

Why Does a Framed Shower Door Leak?

Framed shower doors leak because of worn out and damaged door drip rails or drip rail seals. The reason for this damage can be aging, poor maintenance or low quality products. Shower door drip rails exist so that the water splashed out of the shower does not flood the floor and is contained within the shower enclosure. In case the door drip rails fail to function then it will lead to water leaks. When shower surface is constantly exposed to moisture then it will give rise to mold and mildew growth.  

pFOkUS Framed Shower Door Seals

In most cases, rather than replacing the entire shower door drip rail, it is sufficient to substitute it with a high quality drip rail seal. pFOkUS’ long-lasting shower door drip rail seals are high quality, sleek and stylish. They are cut out of the most flexible material and can easily fit beneath any shower door. Our framed shower door drip seals are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. You need not take the burden of attaching it to the drip rail with screws or adhesives as pFOkUS frame door seals can be simply pushed into the railing of the drip rail.

How to Replace Framed Shower Door Seal

-          Firstly, figure out if the seal attachment is cracked or broken. Seals usually slide into a rail at the bottom of the door or they are positioned amidst the base of the door and the metal drip rail.


-          In order to easily access the metal drip rail, you can open the metal drip rail. The rail is fixated to the framed shower door with the help of screws.


-          Clean the framed shower door drip seal channel and shower door to get rid of dirt and residue.



-          Now, simply slide the new shower door seal into the drip rail. Eliminate the extra seal length after comparing it with the edge of the door with the help of a box cutter knife.



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