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When you visit an astrologer with your Kundli or horoscope then he gives you a few remedies which also include some type of a daan. Sometimes when your Shani is weak and you need to make it strong then the Best Astrologer In Whitefield Bangalore will ask you donate white things like milk and sugar on Saturday to a poor or a needy person. This way you will make your Shani stronger.

Donations or Daan is a way to remove negativity from your life. You must have seen that your parents would do an Utara on you by either a sweet or with some money and they will do it eleven times and then they will give that to a beggar or a needy person. This is a way of removing any type of Nazar or negativity from you. For each planet, the Astrologer in Shivamogga will give you a specific donation that will remove negativity and evil eye from you.


Donating is not just considered as a social cause but also it holds a lot of astrology significance. If you are donating just to show off your social status or are not having pure heart and intentions while donating then your donations would not count and you will not get the benefit of the donations. Then who should you donate to?

·         Donations should be given to a poor person who is not able to make the ends meet or is cannot provide for themselves.

·         Not just to people but some donations are made for animals like dogs, crow, cows, cat, bull, or a camel.

·         The third type of donation is made towards a priest or a Brahmin. Donations towards young girls are also counted.

·         Donating in schools with basic amenities or just donating at a place where they provide education is also considered as auspicious.

·         Donating to poor elderly people with things that they can use as a blanket in winters will give you positive results.


·         Sun – The day of donations is Sunday and the things that you should be donating are red flowers and clothes, jaggery, wheat, copper, manic stone and things that are red.

·         Moon – Donations should be made on Mondays and they should be milk, rice, silver, mishri, pearls, and white clothes.

·         Mars – Start donating things on Tuesday if you want to make your mars stronger. Donate copper, jaggery, masoor dal, red clothes, and red Chandan to a cow.

·         Mercury – Wednesdays are the days of Mercury donations, give green vegetables, green clothes, paneer, sugar, edible oil to cows or young kids.

·         Jupiter – The day for Planet Jupiter donations is Thursday, donate yellow laddoos, books, education, gold, yellow sapphire to a priest.

·         Venus – Donate yogurt, pearls, sugar, silver, milk sweets and white clothes to elderly people on Fridays.

·         Saturn – Donations should be done on Saturdays to anyone. Donate urad daal, items of iron, money, perfume, horse or any other animal.

·         Rahu – Donate Curry, blankets, blue sapphire, blue or black colored clothes, perfume, sesame seeds, a cat or a dog on a Saturday

·         Ketu - 7 types of grains, cat eye stone, chappatis without ghee, kurta, and money to blue-collared job people should be donated on a Saturday night or early Sunday morning. 

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