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If you purchased a Southwest reservation, it is easy to modify your ticket. Southwest flight cancellation policy allows passengers to alter or cancel a flight without hassle. You can conveniently modify your reservation with its flexible rules and regulations regarding flight changes.
If you are looking to modify your Southwest ticket, then you should go through this page closely. We have listed almost every important detail about Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy. Let's get started!

How Does Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy Work?

It is possible for passengers to change their flights with Southwest's change flight policy. However, there will be a penalty charge. But if, for some other reason, the airline alters your trip or itinerary, there is a compensation policy in effect. First-timers may find the process time-consuming, while experienced users will find it simple online. However, customers also have the option of calling a customer service hotline. 

Changes to Southwest's Flight Policy - Highlights

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy is outlined below in its most highlighted and essential terms and conditions - 

  • Southwest does not charge a change fee for flights. 
  • If the new flight costs more than the original ticket, passengers must pay the difference. 
  • Until ten minutes before the scheduled departure time, you can change your flight.
  • If you have already checked in, you can request a change of flight with Southwest even if you have already checked in.
  • If you want to upgrade to a refundable fare after buying your original ticket, you can choose a different fare when changing your flight, 
  • In the event that you need to change a flight booked through a travel agency after departure, you must contact customer service.

Same-day flight change policy for Southwest Airlines

For same-day changes to international flights, you must contact Southwest or request an agent at the airport ticket counter. Remember, international flights cannot be booked online within two hours of departure. 

 Changing a standby flight with Southwest

Boarding can be unpredictable; your flight may be delayed, your plans may change, or even you may miss your flight. 

As long as there is an available seat for an earlier flight on the same day, Southwest Airlines standby policy allows passengers to standby for an earlier flight without having to worry about flight rescheduling. If a Southwest same-day change is made, flyers are not charged or penalized.

The 24-hour flight change policy of Southwest Airlines

It is not uncommon for passengers to request modifications within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket. Most of the time, these cases arise when a customer is getting a great deal at a low price. Southwest Airlines gives a 24 hour window to make changes to the reservation. The changes are free of charge. You won't have to pay a fee if you change your reservation.

The Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy must be considered if you wish to cancel a reservation. If you cancel within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund.

Flight name change fees for Southwest:

  • A $40 fee will be charged by Southwest Airlines for changing a passenger's name on a ticket.
  • It says the fee is necessary to offset the extra time and resources required to process name changes.
  • Southwest will also charge a $115 fee to change a ticket's date or time, as well as a $180 fee to change a ticket's destination or airline.
  • Southwest has said other airlines have also instituted new fares, which are sure to anger passengers.
  • In order to avoid increasing fees in the future, passengers should make name changes as soon as possible.

What is the process for changing a Southwest flight?

Southwest Airlines has a change flight policy that makes it easy for passengers to modify their reservations. You can do this online or offline. The offline method requires you to call the airline directly in order to request a ticket change. However, you must follow a standard procedure when using the online method. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to change your flight online:

Step 1 - Open an Account

  • When you want to reschedule a Southwest Airlines flight, you must visit the airline's official website. Then, click the "Sign in" button on the homepage and enter your required details. 

Step 2 - Select either Change or Cancel

  • On the home page of your Southwest account, click the change flight option.

Step 3 - Enter the Critical Details

  • Next, fill in the vital information like confirmation number, first name and last name. After filling in all the details, click on the "Change Flight" button.

Step 4 - Search for a flight.

  • If you would like to look for new cities and dates, you can avail best prices the same day by clicking on the Change Flight button.

Step 5 - Choose New Flights

  • Once you've reviewed the available flights and dates, tap on the continue button to choose a new flight.

Step 6 - Evaluate Your Flight and Its Price

  • Choose the new flights and recheck the prices. Then, tap on "Continue" and "Purchase" to proceed. 

Southwest App: How Do I Change My Flight?

Although making changes on the official website is seamless, the Mobile app provides more flexibility. Below are the steps you must follow to make changes using the Mobile app:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and download the "Southwest Airlines" App.
  • Go to the "change" option in the app.
  • Please provide your confirmation number, first & last name, and any other information you need.
  • Select the flight you'd like to switch and mark it from the list.
  • Make the necessary payment for your flight by tapping on it. 

What is the process of changing Southwest flights with a Southwest Companion Pass?

When you want to change your Southwest Airlines flight with your friend or family member, you must first renege on your companion's flight before you can invoke the Southwest Flight Change Policy

A multi-step process is required to change your flight. First, you need to cancel your companion's flight associated with a completely different reservation number. After that, you need to change the original flight and add your companion. 

Note - 

Before booking, ensure that at least two seats are available on the new plane. Avoid the situation where you can't add your companion to the reservation after changing your flight. 

Flight Change Policy for Different Fares on Southwest Airlines

Changing a Southwest flight depends on the ticket type you have purchased. For different fares, the process is as follows:

  • Wanna Get Away Ticket- If you purchased Wanna Get Away tickets, you can change them two hours before departure. However, they are non-refundable. You can change your Wanna Get Away ticket up to two hours before departure. The future travel will expire within one year if you don't use it within one year of the purchase. This is one of the main conditions attached to it. 
  • Business Select Ticket- It is a fully refundable fare that can be changed up to two hours prior to departure time. If the ticket is not changed by 10 minutes before departure, it will be forfeited. 
  • Anytime Ticket- In addition to being a refundable fare, Anytime will convert into travel money if the ticket amount cannot be changed within 10 minutes of departure. The Southwest Flight change policy allows you to change this type of ticket two hours before departure. 

The Southwest Airlines allows ticket modifications!

  • Southwest airline also mentions in detail how you can change or cancel a reservation anytime before flight time and get credit for the full amount of your fare for future travel within a year of your original reservation.
  • The majority of people who travel a lot by air can relate to the situation where one can get caught in those unwanted scenes where your flight partner informs you that your travel plans will need to be changed because of delays in the flight or unpredictable weather conditions (thunderstorms, heavy rains).
  • The travel date needs to be changed now. Southwest Flights' policies ensure stress-free travel.
  • Below you will find all the important points and key factors in Southwest Airlines' change of flight policy.

Southwest Airlines: How do I change my reservation?

As a travel partner of Southwest Airlines Company, you can now change your flight and boarding tickets without any hassle.

Southwest flights are designed to be as flexible and as stress-free as possible. One can easily make changes to their flight reservation with Southwest Airlines. One must be aware of and follow Southwest Airlines' change flight policy before making any changes to their travel plans. Southwest Airlines' policy states that any client wanting to change their travel plans, including shifting the travel dates, must:

  • In case you miss the deadline, you'll have to cancel your flight. If you don't meet that deadline, your flight will be canceled.
  • Whenever you make a change to your booking and the fare changes, you will be responsible to pay the difference if the price is higher. If the fare is lower, the difference can be refunded.
  • Travel funds issued by Southwest expire after one year, so you must take the flight within that time frame.

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