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A steel beam is primarily a structural steel product that is mainly made to support the heaviest loads. Steel beams come in various sizes and types, hence their different applications in the construction of structures & buildings. The specifications of a structure determine the size, geometry, and shape of beams. These beams can be curved or straight.


Types of Steel Beams


Types of steel beams based on support:


·          Simply supported beams: These beams are supported at the ends & are free to rotate.

·          Fixed beams: These are supported at the ends but cant rotates at any cost.

·          Over-hanging beams: This type of beam extends beyond its support on 1 side.

·          Double over-hanging beams: These types of beams extend beyond the supports on both ends.

·          Continuous beam: Extends for 2 or more supports.

·          Cantilever: Fixed on 1 end but projecting outwards.

·          Trussed beam: This beam is generally reinforced by a rod or a cable to make a truss.


Types of beams based on geometry:


·          Straight beam: As the name suggests, it is straight in shape.

·          Curved beam: As the name suggests, this beam is curved in shape.

·          Tapered beam: This beam mainly has a tapered cross-section.


Types of beams based on cross-sections:


·          I-beam: This type of beam is also known as the junior beam or Standard American Beam. It has an I-cross section.

·          T-beam: As the name suggests, T beam has a T cross-section.

·          Channels: These are also known as C beams; these beams have a C cross-section.

·          Wide flange beams: These are also called W beams or H beams. They have flanges that are not easily tapered and are wider than standard I beam.


Uses of beams:


·          They are used in supporting house frames & all roof structures.

·          They are mainly used to secure structures from harsh weather conditions.


Advantages of steel beams:


·          They cannot be easily attacked by termites or rodents.

·          No breakages as steel can endure more amounts of tensile stress.

·          They provide high-standard structural integrity and therefore, safety.

·          They can be manufactured according to your specific preferences.

·          They are resistant to corrosion as well as to fire.


When you need I beam for any kind of building application, look to steel beam fabrication for fast, efficient, and affordable order fulfillment. 


Steel beam fabrication requires a lot of:


·          Experience

·          Knowledge

·          hard work

·          and specialized tools to be successful


 Don’t trust just any company for purchasing I beams. Just Contact leading Steel Beam Manufacturer for custom welding and metal fabrication for all types of construction.


The best Steel Grating Manufacturer designs bar gratings that are mainly suited for trenches, stairs, decking, flooring, and many more. 


In places like where sulfates or acids exist, it is highly recommended to set up fiberglass grating or you can also set up here stainless steel bar grating. In a place like damp places with high resistance to loads, steel bar grating is the safest & perfect choice for selection. For heavy vehicular traffic, steel bar grating also works best.


The manufacturing process of Steel bar grating:


Electric welding, also known as electro- forged, is basically a thermoelectric process in which heat is generated by the passage of an electric current. For a controlled time and also under controlled pressure, the current passes through the junction region of the parts that intend to be welded.


This method is continuously used to manufacture steel bar grating and other types of the grid.


In industrial markets, the Steel grating is primarily used in the platform and industrial floors, as well as on:


·         Stairs

·         Ramps

·         storm drains, and among many others


Steel grating fabricated products adapt perfectly to any construction environment due to its:


·                architectural aspect

·                modern design

·                variety of finishes


 Additionally, they provide great durability as well as security. 


A huge variety of Architectural grating products are available, such as: 


  • Fences
  • Benches
  • louvers, hand railings
  • balconies and even more


To avoid any types of mistakes, you can always rely on any finest Steel Grating Manufacturer.


When a project requires to cover a specific region (which is normally drawn), you ought to send the drawings to the finest grating manufacturer and they will send each piece identified by a number to assure that when it gets to the installation area it is located in its right place. Every cut piece is produced under: 


· Resistance

· Thickness

· correct alignment considerations

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