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Do you work with your own truck or have a transportation company and want to know how to ensure greater protection for your vehicle or even your cargo? Then follow this article and meet the truck insurance tracker.

Any type of vehicle is subject to violence these days, not just passenger cars and motorcycles, such as travel buses and trucks as well. Proof of this is that the rates of thefts, thefts and the number of truck robberies are increasing a lot. This is because, generally speaking, the protection of these vehicles is less, which makes the bad guys increasingly interested in the cargo, which can easily be sold after being stolen.

Thinking about changing this scenario, companies are increasingly concerned about protecting their vehicles and cargo, looking for ways to monitor everything that happens to them.

Enjoy and quote how much a tracker is for your car. And the truck insurance tracker is the best way to achieve these benefits in one go. Follow this article and better understand how this technology works.

Why rely on a truck insurance tracker?

If you are a truck driver or have a transportation company, you know that cases of vehicle theft and cargo theft have always been high. However, for some years now this number has been increasing alarmingly.

In 2018 alone there was a growth four times higher than the previous year obviously, some areas are more likely than others to suffer this increase, however, no highway in the country is free of this problem.

There are bad guys who specialize in vehicle theft and there are those who are interested in the charge carried.

Regardless of their focus, the driver who owns the truck, or the company responsible for the vehicle, always ends up in injury.

That's why having a truck-safe tracker is so important.

Believe me, it is much more worth investing in safety equipment and guaranteeing reimbursement of possible losses than simply risking losing your work tool and still having to bear the burden of damage.

Understand How Truck Insurance Trackers Work

The truck insurance tracker is actually two services offered in one package. A tracker is a device that allows real-time vehicle monitoring. Making it possible to know where the vehicle is traveling and where it is in the event of theft or theft. This technology, besides helping a lot in the logistics control of a fleet, is also fundamental to make it easier to find the truck if it is taken by bandits.

Truck insurance, on the other hand, is to ensure that if the vehicle is not recovered, the insured person is the private owner of the vehicle or the owner of a company, receives compensation and thus has its financial losses reduced.

Remember that the tracker service is very effective and has high vehicle recovery rates and combined with insurance ensures more peace of mind for those who use the service.

Advantages Of Having A Safe Truck Tracker

The advantages of having an insurance truck tracker are many, here are some of them:

Logistics Optimization

If you have a transportation company, you know how important it is to know exactly where the trucks are, if they are meeting their schedule by following the route and times required. With 24 hour monitoring promoted by the tracker, this is possible and very simple to achieve.

Quick vehicle location in the event of theft or theft

Another great advantage promoted by the tracker is the easy location of the vehicle in cases of theft or theft. With this equipment the chances of recovery are immense.

Compensation in case of non-truck location

When you hire a truck insurance tracker, as mentioned earlier, the chances of finding the vehicle are immense, greater than 90%.

However, if your vehicle is not found, you may be able to count on compensation to compensate for losses due to the loss of the vehicle and in some cases the load as well. Remember that for the last option is necessary to hold the load separately.

24-hour call center

Just as monitoring happens 24 hours a day, most tracking companies have call centers that also operate during this time.

That is, if you have a problem at any time of the day, simply contact the company so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

Additional Services

Additional services that are often offered, such as route reports, among others, can help with company logistics, as well as lower operating costs and provide guidance for drivers.

Benefits of Truck Insurance Tracker

Some companies even offer benefits such as 24-hour assistance, discounts on mechanical services, free maintenance of tracker equipment, and more. The costs and benefits are huge, so anyone who wants peace of mind needs this service.

How much does truck insurance cost?

The values of truck insurance vary according to a number of factors, including the model and year of the vehicle, the condition of the truck, the load capacity, the vehicle's installed machinery, the type of owner if it is a person. physical or legal and more.

In addition to these factors, fleets also often work with different values. Therefore, the price of truck insurance can vary greatly from one vehicle to another. And it is best that you look for a reliable broker and request quotes from both truck insurance and tracker.

How to choose secure tracker service

Concox gps tracker

There are several companies that provide this type of service, so to choose it is necessary to do a long research. Before you decide, look at which companies are on the market and what each one offers in services and benefits and what are the prices. Generally, the larger your fleet, the better the trading conditions, but if you have only one truck you don't have to be discouraged as it is possible to find good conditions in these cases as well.

Evaluate everything that is offered because often, in addition to being able to track the vehicle, you can count on additional services such as:

Door locks,

Tracking center,

Constant reports,

And much more.

So make a comparison of all your options and before closing the contract try to negotiate to get the best terms and benefits.

Every day, some 6 million devices are tracked with Concox Tracksolid platform, our own back-end software solution that has, to date, seen more than 12 million total connected devices.

Consult Concox to protect your vehicle with the cost-effective truck insurance tracker. 

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