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by Concox Garin Marketing Manager

Concox AT6 3g Asset GPS Tracker

I have 2 tips on fleet tracking for you to make the most of Your 3g Asset GPS Tracker. Fleet tracking is a commercial process that involves tracking vehicles using a GPS system that collects data to improve the overall performance of your fleet.

Companies that use fleet tracking improve their fleet performance. How? They reduce costs and improve fleet efficiency by minimizing idling, unauthorized use, unsafe driving practices and speed. Fleet tracking also leads to optimized routes, which lowers the cost of fuel and improves schedules. Other benefits of fleet tracking include increasing productivity and improving driver safety.

In order for fleet tracking to work for your business, you must use best fleet tracking practices. That's why we have 2 tips for fleet tracking to get the most out of GPS. Here are the fleet tracking tips you should know to optimize your tracking processes: 

Tip 1: Track more than the location of the vehicle

If you intend to use your fleet's tracking system only to track the location of the vehicle, you will not get the most out of your investment. While you should know where your vehicles are at all times, you should also keep track of other factors. For example, maintenance, driver behavior and delivery times. This is why this is a vital part of the fleet tracking tips to get the most out of GPS

What happens when you track maintenance? Get alerts that help you prioritize preventive maintenance from Concox Tracksolid Tracking Platform to reduce downtime and save money on costly repairs that could have been avoided. Most systems automatically alert you to the necessary tire checks, oil changes and inspection dates. You can also program your system to monitor your vehicle systems and notify you of possible problems.

When automating fleet vehicle maintenance. It also increases the longevity of your vehicles. In addition, it helps your team focus on critical problems without having to track drivers to obtain odometer readings and other vehicle information.

Specifically, some fleet tracking systems allow you to track preventive maintenance. This is achieved by calendar expiration date, days until expiration, operating hours and mileage or odometer thresholds.

Some systems also support invoice data to track fleet maintenance history. In addition, you can know the maintenance costs, unscheduled repairs. It also gives you the information you need about the condition of the vehicle based on the number of breakdowns, flat tires, accident repairs. You can also meet other unscheduled maintenance.

Tip 2: Use fleet tracking to reduce downtime and idle policies.

Concox AT6 3g Asset GPS Tracker

Monitoring driver behavior is another way to reduce costs and ensure safety. First, you need to know if your drivers are driving unsafely since your drivers and vehicles are your most valuable assets. By monitoring driving behavior, it has the power to "detect and collect data on severe driving activity." For this reason, you can track speed, quick starts, sharp braking, sharp bends and other actions that put the safety of drivers at risk.

You will have the data you need to address risky driving behaviors and reduce the number of accidents and fines for speeding in your fleet. A vital part of fleet tracking tips to make the best of AT6 3g Asset GPS Tracker.

A driver's behavior that significantly impacts your company's fuel costs is downtime. Of course, some idling is inevitable. However, using a fleet tracking system is a way to eliminate unnecessary idling. That's why you can save your company money on fuel and maintenance costs.


Properly tracking the fleet can save your company thousands of dollars and improve vehicle and driver safety. Start by choosing the appropriate asset trackers, fleet tracking system and considering your business objectives and needs. Then, track the driver's maintenance and behavior, in addition to the location of the vehicle. Finally, use your fleet tracking system to reduce downtime. This way you can enforce the inactivity policies to save fuel and maintenance costs of your company.

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