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Emerald gemstones : Emerald  stone is one of the royal stone among all the gemstones. It is also known as “Panna” in hindi and “Zammurd & Markata” in Sanskrit. Emerald stone is related to the “Mercury” planet, that is considered as a king of planets. Emerald comes in very vibrant colors of “Green” which are eye catching and pleasant colors and this color is formed by the mixture of minerals such as aluminium,beryllium and chromium.There are some benefits,its properties and such things regarding astrology of emerald which I will discuss in my upcoming crumb of the blog.

Benefits of emerald gemstones: Emerald gemstone has numerous benefits for its wearer. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • As I mentioned above that it is a royal stone, so it gives royalty to its wearer. Most probably it is worn by royal families, celebrities etc.
  • This stone promotes passion,love and trust.
  •  By wearing an Emerald gemstone, a person can have victory and achievement in his life.
  • Emerald helps to create good relation with marriage and business partners.
  • It gives the good fortune and wisdom to the person.
  • As emerald is related to planet ”Mercury” that is known as planet of “Intelligence” as well, so it sharpens the mind of its wearer and gives clarity to their thoughts.

Healing Properties of emerald gemstone: Emerald is a valuable gemstone and it has attractive healing properties and clarity.

  • Emerald helps to get rid of heart,brain and nervous system related diseases.
  • It also treats the eyes,nose,blood pressure and abdomen.
  • It reduce the lab-our time and pain of the pregnant women and if she wear the emerald it also helps in reducing the stress.
  • It also helps to remove toxic from the liver and also good for the diabetic patients.

Physical Properties Of Emerald Gemstone: 

  • Color: Emerald has very exciting color of green, its ranges from bluish green to yellowish green. The emeralds, which are of green color are also known as “Green beryl”.
  • Clarity: The emerald gemstone has eye-visible clarity.
  • Luster: It has glassy luster.
  • Cleavage: It has imperfect cleavage.

Chemical Properties Of Emerald Gemstone :

  • Species: “Beryl” 
  • Chemical formula : Be3Al2(SIO3)6 
  • Refractive index : 1.566 -1.602
  • Hardness on mohs scale : 7.5 -8.0

Astrological facts of emerald gemstone :

  • Emerald is a cold gem.
  • It attracts the cosmic rays.
  • It mainly represents to two zodiac signs “Gemini and “Virgo” 
  • Emerald is birthstone for month “May”.
  • Element for this stone is “earth”
  • It should be worn on particular date and time (Wednesday) and also it should be worn after 2 hours of sunrise.
  • Before wearing emerald should be dipped into “cow milk” or “Gangajal”  for at-least 10-15 minutes.
  • For better result it should be worn with “gold” and also make sure that emerald should touch the skin.
  • It should be worn in a “little finger” of a hand which is also known as “mercury finger”.

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