BTMA–A Complete Set Of Rapeseed Oil Press Equipment.

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A complete set of rapeseed oil press equipment is the choice of opening oil workshops. Novices need a complete set of rapeseed oil press equipment to open an oil workshop. Some are necessary equipment, and some auxiliary machines are optional equipment. These are all for the oil mills to produce original, green and healthy edible oil. The oil squeezed out by the oil mill is fresh and hygienic, has an attractive fragrance, and does not contain chemical agents. You can see the whole process of squeezing with your own eyes. It is sold on-site and has high profits. Rapeseed oil press is a complete set of equipment selection machine-seed frying machine-oil press → oil filter.

1. The selection machine is mainly used for the screening of rapeseeds. Generally speaking, the rapeseed brought by the common people contains more impurities, so you can choose a selection machine. The concentrator removes impurities in the rapeseed. It is beneficial to increase the oil yield and reduce the damage to the machine.

2.The seed-frying machine needs to steam-fry the raw materials that need to be steamed, such as rapeseed, which will taste more fragrant after being steamed. The quality of stir-frying directly affects the quality and yield of oil products. There is a saying of “three-point squeeze, seven-point stir-fry”, which shows the importance of stir-frying in the oil extraction process.

3.The oil press puts the raw materials into the oil press equipment for pressing. Nowadays, many oil presses are new multi-function oil presses, that is, one machine can squeeze a variety of raw materials, and it is more convenient to operate. The fully automatic oil press is complete and ready to be produced when connected to electricity. The oil press is also very important. A good oil press can ensure a high oil yield.

4.The oil filter is to filter the squeezed crude oil. The crude oil contains a certain amount of oil residue. In order to improve its cleanliness, we use oil filter equipment to filter the oil residue inside to obtain clean and direct The cooking oil used. A complete set of rapeseed oil press equipment consists of these four parts. Some places have higher requirements for oil quality. Refining equipment can be selected as a complete set.

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