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Rapeseed oil is a common cooking oil on the market. Its good flavor, high nutritional value and sufficient supply of raw materials make it one of the main edible oils in my country. It is reported that the current rapeseed production has reached 10 million tons, and the rapeseed oil production has reached 1 million tons. Differences in raw materials also lead to a wide variety of rapeseed oils on the market.

The mainstream rapeseed oil extraction method is pressing, which can be divided into cold pressing and hot pressing.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is physically pressed at low temperatures to retain the flavor of the oil itself. The finished oil has an astringent, nutty, and seedy flavor. The bioactive components in rapeseed raw materials are better preserved during the cold pressing process. The oil has a mild, fresh taste and is popular in many foreign regions.

Hot-pressed rapeseed oil is mainly oil obtained by pressing plant seeds after frying or heat treatment. In some areas of my country, rapeseed oil produced by hot pressing is also called strong-flavor rapeseed oil. Because of its strong fragrance and catering to people's pursuit of healthy eating, it is deeply loved by consumers. Strong-flavor rapeseed oil accounts for about 30% of the domestic rapeseed oil market.

Roasting the seeds before pressing the rapeseed oil is very important, which largely determines the nutritional value and quality of the coriander seed oil. Moderately roasting the seeds helps increase oil yield and content of beneficial lipids while producing desirable color and aroma. The temperature and time of roasting seeds, as well as the moisture content and process of oilseed pressing will have a great impact on the flavor and oil yield of oilseeds.

If oil mills want to improve oil quality, they must better control the temperature and time of frying seeds. It is necessary to equip strong-flavor rapeseed oil pressing equipment with an automatic temperature control system to achieve convenient and fast control of production temperature and time.

Rapeseed screw oil press is an important equipment for producing coriander seed oil. Therefore, it is recommended that oil mills should not be greedy for cheap and choose oil extraction equipment with low price and substandard quality when purchasing. The loss outweighs the gain.

After market research and performance comparison, most oil mills in Africa will choose Benteng Machinery to purchase oil pressing equipment. Benteng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various oil extraction equipment, with strong strength and advanced technology. The oil pressing equipment produced has high quality, long service life, high oil yield, fast production efficiency, and the quality of the coriander seed oil extracted is guaranteed.

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