Breast Cancer & Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is the premature thinning of bones and it’s on-set has been associated with many treatments including the treatment for breast cancer.

The thinning of bones due to osteoporosis makes them brittle and increases the risk of fracture and breakage. After the age of 35, thinning of bones is a part of the ageing process

During a cancer treatment, there is a drop down in the level of estrogen in women. This puts them at a higher risk of osteoporosis. Treatments that increase the risk of osteoporosis are;

·       chemotherapy that caused an early menopause

·       hormone therapy with certain drugs

·       hormone therapy with certain drugs

·       radiotherapy to ovaries to stop them from working

·       surgery to remove ovaries during perimenopause phase

Though the treatment for tamoxifen or breast cancer reduces bone density by only a small amount but during the postmenopausal stage, the drugs used during the treatment sometimes increase bone degeneration further. In younger women who have gone through ovarian suppression followed by hormone therapy, are susceptible to one density loss at around 8% per year. Some orthopedic doctors in Gurgaon recommend, treatment for a few years before going through hormone therapy to slow down the rate of bone loss.


Some women who are going through treatment for cancer face an early onset of menopause, due to which they are exposed to drugs and therapy related with higher risk of osteoporosis.

Hence, an oncologist in Gurgaon recommends all breast cancer patients to discuss with their primary caregiver, the possible risks of bone thinning after or during the course of the treatment and the steps they can take to keep the bones strong.

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Experts for cancer treatment in Gurgaon also recommend that women who are going through the treatment must take the following preventive measures:

·        Measure bone density also called BMD before starting the hormone therapy

·        Continue bone density check during the treatment using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scan

In order to prevent osteoporosis, there are several steps that can help all women above 35 years of age. One of the best breast cancer surgery specialists recommended following measures:

·        Making sure enough calcium intake in the diet especially after the age of 30 or after delivery.

·        Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol because they have been proven to interfere with the body’s calcium absorption and tendency.

·        Smoking has been associated with increased risk of osteoporosis. Hence, all women irrespective of age are urged to quit smoking.

·        Making sure one exercises regularly and maintains a healthy weight to keep bones strong and healthy.


Experts from an orthopedic hospital in Gurgaon recommend that an average adult woman needs approximately 700 mg of calcium per day in order to maintain healthy bones. Though there is no direct evidence that suggests specifically breast cancer patients needing an extra ounce of calcium but in general during the treatment, experts recommend intake of multi vitamins including calcium supplements. Also, if someone already has the history of osteoporosis in the family, then supplements can decrease the risk factor.

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