Breast Cancer - Get Yourself Screened!

by Anu Khan Seo executive

Breast cancer is one of the top cancers among women. In the olden times, women did not have such awareness but thanks to the media, nowadays most of the women are aware of this fact that they need to prevent breast cancer. It is a fatal disease, however, the cure is possible in case of early detection. Now, the question arises how you can get detection in the early stage. Screening is the answer! Yes, breast cancer screening allows you to know the current situation of your breast tissues so that you may aware of its condition. Dedicated breast clinics, screening programs, awareness programs, and skilled doctors, all of them play their role in early detection so that careful and successful treatment options can be provided. Here, you need to know the essentials regarding breast cancer screening. Also, you should know which tests are required to perform the procedure of screening.

Screening For Breast Cancer Would Include:

  1. Breast Self-Examination – Self-examination is necessary so that you become aware of your own condition. Large-scale studies reveal that women get no benefit from BSE (breast self-examination) doesn’t provide any benefit regarding the reduction of mortality rate due to this fatal disease. Hence, it provides a sense of awareness to women. Also, it allows detecting if you have any changes in your body.

Breast self-examination consists of two parts. One is ‘look’ and the other is ‘feel’.

  • Look – You can check if any changes occur in your breast by simply looking at them in the mirror. You may look in different positions, for example, by holding your arms up, leaning forward, etc. In addition to it, you may compare both breasts. The changes that you should look for include (color, lumps, dimpling, etc.).

  • Feel – Another step that you need to do is to check your breasts physically. You may perform this step while taking a bath. A combination of soap and water makes it easy for you to examine your body parts so you should feel different parts of your body by slightly checking the area with the help of your palm and fingers. Check if you have lumps, dimpling, or color changing.

  1. Clinical Breast Examination – The examination method that is worth sharing is the clinical breast examination. Through self-examination, if you feel any change in your breast, then you should go for clinical examination.
  2. Mammography – Another method of screening is known as mammography. It will provide you the chance to detect a problem in the early stage.
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You should get yourself screened from any of the above-mentioned methods on the basis of the requirement. Also, the medical history matters a lot in such situation. You should make a consultation with the doctors, who are worthy enough. They will get your medical history and check your issue on that basis. You need to be very careful when it comes to the screening process of breasts whether you have any issue or not. Early detection is highly recommended by doctors at it assists in early detection and treatment better. Don’t wait anymore, go ahead and consult with one of the best breast cancer doctors. Don’t forget to choose your employer wisely!

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