Best Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends to be Battle Ready

by Peter Anderson Writer

Colours, weapon types, ammo, and many more artifacts explained for Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a Battle Royal game created by the Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. From the very starting point of the game, it partook in a crazy race to achieve the best battle-royale amidst PUBG and Fortnite. There are many tips and tricks which will help you to become a pro in the game.

Increase Health Level up to 200HP by Max Level Armor

Every Character has 100HP as the base of health. This level can be increased by collecting armour with every armour; the health level is increased by 25 HP. The maximum number of armour to be available for a player is 4.


Enemy's Damage Number:

When you face your enemy in the game and start shooting him, a number will be displayed on your screen over your enemy. The colour of these numbers can tell you the number of armour enemy has:

     ● Red numbers stand for no armour.

     ● The white number represents armour of level one

     ● Blue numbers indicate armour of level two.

     ● Purple Numbers represents armour of level three (the legendary armour)

     ● The golden number indicates armour level four.

     ● Yellow Numbers shows the headshot

These numbers show how more significant threats the enemy possesses.


Color Tells Level of Loot

In this game, colour can tell you the level of that object, such as armour, attachment, weapon. This same applies to the loot. The colour and represented level are mentioned as below:

     ● White: Level 1

     ● Blue: Level 2

     ● Purple: Level 3

     ● Gold: Level 4

 The golden artifact is very rare in the game, but it is in the game. Basically, it is same as purple, but it comes with some perks, as mentioned below:

     ● Gold Helmet: It offers ultimate cool-downs and faster tactical activity.

     ● Gold Armor: It offers the shield refill after the execution.

     ● Gold Backpack: It provides fast health use.

     ● Gold Knock-down Shield: It gives a chance to revive once.


Colour of ammo shows the type of gun and for which Gun to Use

The game has four types of ammo.

     ● Brown: Light rounds

     ● Green: Heavy rounds

     ● Yellow: Energy ammo

     ● Red: Shotgun shells

The type of guns is represented in the right bottom corner on the gaming screen. So the player should not waste inventory with that ammo, which will not be used.


Alternate Fire Modes:

Some of the guns in the game have a mode named "alternate fire mode." This mode will be useful if you want to convert an automatic gun to a single shot fire gun, which will make it more reliable in the long- distance attack. The weapons with this ability will show a D-pad notification on the info panel.  So right- click on the symbol to activate it.


Run and Move Faster.

Getting out of any difficult situation is the main mantra to survive for a longer time. You can tap on the triangle symbol, which will put your weapon in the holster, and now you will be able to walk faster.


Respawn Beacons

Like other battle royale games in this game too, you will fall down first (knockdown). After that, your teammates will have the option to revive you (within the time limit); if not, then you will die. At this place, Apex Legends included a twist: when you are dead, your surviving teammate can take the banner from your crate to respawn beacon to resurrect you. If you want to take the banner of your fallen teammate, Reach out to the crate and press the Square or X or E to take the flag.

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