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Call of Duty is as famous as FPS shooter games can, and the game has been making highlights recently as the first-ever Battle Pass for COD have been launched. The Battle Pass has several benefits as it helps gamers unlock exclusive items and earn XP as well. It is not all, as the FPS shooting game recently released the latest update 1.10 alongside important patch notes. The size for the Update 1.10 varies according to platforms and here is a rundown:

·         PS4: 15 GB

·         Xbox One: 18.5 GB

·         PC: 20 GB

Even though Infinity Ward was called out for adding a Battle Pass, the addition won’t put holes in your pockets. For starters, players can attain up to 100 tiers in the Battle Pass, which seems similar to PUBG’s Royal Pass. The tiers can be unlocked through Spec Ops and multiplayer, and you will need to spend COD points (in-game currency) for it. Here is a breakdown of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Pass:

·         Players can purchase every tier for 150 COD points, which equals $1.50.

·         You can purchase all the tiers up to 100 at 1,000 COD points, which equals $10.

Any sane person can tell that purchasing the tiers as a whole is profitable since purchasing the tiers can cost you over $150.

What can you get with Tiers?

Unlocking the tiers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can earn you several aesthetic items such as:

1.   Holger-26

2.   Ram-7

3.   Weapon Blueprints

4.   Operator Skins

5.   Charms

6.   Emblems

7.   XP tokens

Both Holger-20 and Ram-7 is available for the free 20+ tiers, so you do not have to purchase the Battle Pass just for the guns. However, this does not mean that the Battle Pass does not have additional perks. One such perk is the chance to earn back 1,300 COD points, meaning not only you can recover your money, but can also receive a hefty discount in the second season’s Battle Pass.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 Additions

The latest 1.10 COD update has several additions and here are some of them:

2 vs. 2 Gunfight Maps

The intense gunfight can be availed in the following places:

1.   The new Cargo map within the London Docks.

2.   The new Atrium map within the Verdansk palace.

3.   Shipment can be availed at the latter stage of the season.

New Ground War Map

The new map spanning over cranes, streets, cargo containers, and buildings will have 64 players fighting each other.

New Multiplayer Maps

The new helicopter crash site set in Urzikstan is the redesigned version of the fan-beloved map, Crash.

 Vintage Special Ops Gameplay

Infiltrate Barkov’s empty terrain in pitch black to transmit and reprehend all intel to the tactical rover.

New Special Ops and Multiplayer Modes

A new Ops in Operation Strongbox and a fusion between Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue, and Domination.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update 1.10 Patch Notes


1.   Reinforce

2.   Crash 24/7

3.   Gun Runner and Rammaza included in DOM 20 and TDM 20

4.   Port included within Ground War

5.   Night maps included within Search and Destroy, Cyber Attack, and Hardcore TDM


1.   2 vs. 2 Gunfight Tourney

2.   24/7 Shoot House

3.   Gun Game (Playable within Custom Matches)

General Patches

1.   Final killcam fix

2.   Stuck inside Infantry Assault Vehicle fixed

3.   No Recent Players issue fixed

4.   Private Match/Gunfight issue fixed

5.   Riot Shield error fixed

Challenges and Missions

Fixed the following and patched the descriptions as well:

1.   Updated description in the Combat Knife challenge

2.   Close and Personal

3.   Bloodthirsty Killer

4.   .357 camo challenge

5.   Get 50 kills while an enemy UAV is active: Updated description regarding the Ghost perk

6.   Destroy Ground Killstreaks: Every player-driven vehicle will be counted to the launcher camo challenge

7.   Perks of the Job

8.   Camo challenges updates

9.   Officer Challenge completion fix

Several miscellaneous fixes have been made a well, but these are the most crucial ones. The game has always been a fan-favorite, and it does not intend to back down from it.

Peter Anderson is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for webroot products at

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