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Kidney failure is a situation wherein the kidneys are completely unable to perform their basic functions. This problem causes many other complications as the kidneys are connected with the most important procedure of our body. A best kidney failure Ayurvedic treatment is a safe way to deal with this condition. Ayurveda is an ancient science of curing diseases by replenishing the affected organ by new life naturally.


Kidney failure is a result of continuous kidney damage. This kidney damage greatly affects the Glomerular Filtration Rate that leads to further damage. The impact of kidney damage or kidney disease results in the accumulation of wastes and toxic substances, an imbalance of water and salts in the body, disturbed blood pressure and glucose level, edema, anemia, and many other complications. Kidney damage can be divided into five stages where the fifth stage is the stage of failure. These stages of kidney disease can be diagnosed with regular blood check-ups.

Symptoms of Having a Kidney Disorder

Most people are not diagnosed with the severe symptoms until the disease gets on its bigger stages. However, one may -

  • Have less energy
  • Have trouble thinking clearly
  • Have a poor appetite
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Have dry, itchy skin
  • Have muscle cramping at night
  • Have swollen feet and ankles
  • Puffy eyes, especially in the morning
  • An increased urge to urinate

Major causes of kidney infection

As kidney disease is so common in people, it is very important for every person to be knowledgeable about the major reasons behind it. In most of the cases observed the main reason behind kidney infection is the forceful entry of germs through the urethra. These germs then affect the kidney that provokes above-mentioned symptoms to occur. Here are the major reasons that cause kidney infection:

  • Inadequate toilet hygiene
  • Women’s body structure
  • Kidney stones
  • Large prostate
  • Urinary catheter
  • Weak immune system

Where to get the Best Kidney Failure Ayurvedic Treatment?

Karma Ayurveda, a kidney care institution situated in Delhi is the right place to get the best kidney failure Ayurvedic treatment from. Team Karma Ayurveda is dedicated to providing each kidney patient with a natural treatment without any artificial or allopathic touch. Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the driving force of Karma Ayurveda is thrived by his motto “Stop Kidney Dialysis” and has cured thousands of patients successfully. The institution was established in the year 1937 and since then about 35000 patients are being cured successfully that too with natural and organic substances. The main diet changes that changed the life of many kidney patients are -

Change in diet and lifestyle

Protein - Too much protein in the diet makes difficult for the kidneys to work properly and can create chaos. Knowing that protein is an essential compound for the body, a substantial balance is required to keep the nutrition level at the best.

Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates is also required by the body. It is found in bread, cereals, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, sugar, honey, cookies, cakes, sweets, and drinks. Again, following the diet guidelines suggested Karma Ayurveda is the key.

Fluids – Initially, kidney patients might be suggested for limited intake of fluids. This is on the grounds that the kidneys may are in a condition of producing urine but not as same as before. Fluids are restricted to prevent the accumulation of wastes and toxic substances in the body.

Sodium - Sodium is a mineral found normally in all types of sustenance. The most well-known source of sodium is table salt. Retention of sodium in the body can cause hypertension and swelling.

Potassium - Potassium is also a mineral that is found in almost all nourishment. As the kidney damage deteriorates, an excessive amount of potassium can cause real harm. Here are some of the sustenances that are wealthy in potassium.

  • Bananas
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Beans
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Peaches
  • Oranges
  • Milk
  • Raisins

Phosphorus - With kidney disease, phosphorus may begin to develop in blood. Following are the nourishment that is wealthy in phosphorus -

  • Milk
  • Chocolate
  • Beans
  • Nuts

Writer’s Introduction

I am a pharmacist by profession. My father was suffering from chronic kidney disease. One of my customers told me about Karma Ayurveda. We were guided in the right way and their medication and dedication helped my father to live a disease-free life. Thanks, Dr. Puneet Dhawan for providing us with the best kidney failure Ayurvedic treatment.

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