How polycystic kidney disease ayurvedic treatment can help prevent kidney failure

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Polycystic kidney disease is a kind of inherited disease in which fluid called cysts develop inside or on the boundaries of the kidney. PKD is completely inheriting and patients until 30 cannot figure out the symptoms. However, keeping an eye on the signs can help the patient in diagnosing at the early stages and begin with polycystic kidney disease ayurvedic treatment as there is no surgical treatment available to cure the problem


Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disorder in which fluid called cysts grow in kidneys and destroy renal tissue. PKD is the world’s common inherited disorder with 1 in 400 people being affected with it.  The cysts grow large in size thereby making the size of kidney larger than the normal. Since PKD grow with each passing day, this hampers how normal kidney functions. If left untreated PKD can lead to kidney failure among the patients. As of now, there is no specific surgical treatment available for PKD but polycystic kidney disease ayurvedic treatment can help the patients manage the symptoms without leaving any complications.

Does PKD affect other organs as well?

As you know that cysts can grow in other organs as well, they can severely impact their working. You may observe cysts growth in your liver, pancreas, ovaries, large bowels, and spleen. However, cysts are non-cancerous fluids that do not impose much of the harm to your body, however, there are some exceptions.

Cysts in the brain can cause an aneurysm, a kind of disorder in which blood vessels get bulged up with a rise in the probability of stroke or death while if it affects the heart, it makes valves to get floppy.

 Signs someone has PKD

Cysts grow 0.5 or larger before the patient can notice the symptoms, however, most patients do not develop symptoms until they are 30 to 40 years old. Here are some signs that can help you diagnose the problem and begin with polycystic kidney disease treatment if you get diagnosed with PKD:

·         Pain in the abdomen or in the sides

·         Joint pain

·         Frequent urination

·         Fatigue body

·         Blood in the urine can be a sign of various other problems as well

·         Skin color gradually changes to pale

·         Kidney stones

·         Urinary tract infections can also be a tell-tale sign of PKD

·         When you have PKD, your skin feels itchy because of the loss of nutrients from the body

·         Hypertension

 How PKD is diagnosed?

Since PKD is completely inherited, your doctors may need to know your family history of kidney problem.  Every kidney disease diagnose begins with urinalysis to determine protein in the urine. Following tests are conducted by the doctors for cysts of the kidney, liver, and other organs:

·         Abdominal CT scan: To determine smaller cysts in the kidney, this ultrasound is conducted

·         Abdominal ultrasound: This test uses sound waves to look for cysts in the kidney

·         Intravenous pyelogram: Bu using a dye this test make your blood vessels to show up more     clearly on an X-ray

·         Abdominal MRI scan: To look for cysts, this MRI uses strong magnets to image the kidney.

 The available treatment for PKD

The goal of polycystic kidney disease treatment is to let the patient manage the symptoms and avoid any risk factors. There are herbs in the Ayurveda that can help you to control the risk factors that can cause PKD. The part of the PKD treatment includes medicines for:

·         Controlling the blood pressure

·         Herbal diuretics to help remove excess fluid from the body

·         Herbal medicines to improve the functionality of the kidney

·         Herbs that work to treat UTIs

The ayurvedic treatment also includes a dietary plan and several lifestyle changes so that the complications of kidney failure do not get severe and lead to kidney failure.


 From where to get ayurvedic treatment for PKD

Karma Ayurveda, a health care unit based out in Delhi has been progressively helping patients across the globe in kidney and related problems. Till now, the center has saved more than 35000 patients suffering from the complications of kidney failure. Polycystic kidney disease ayurvedic treatment is one such treatment provided by Doctor Puneet Dhawan to help the patients in managing the symptoms so that the risk of kidney failure can be avoided.

Writer’s Introduction:

I am one of the patients of Dr. Puneet Dhawan who took polycystic kidney disease ayurvedic treatment for my kidney problem. Until I was 37, I never felt that I could be suffering from such a disease. 

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