Believe you can and you are halfway through- Ways to Beat Exam Stress

by Presidium Faridabad School

Examinations are a vital part of our education system. It’s that time of the year when a student’s knowledge and understanding is evaluated. It is also a time when we often witness students experiencing anxiety. The state commonly termed as “exam stress”. Examinations have now become analogous with stress. Research has identified that high expectations of parents and teachers, extreme competition amongst peers and lack of proper planning and attention are its primary causes.  Mrs. Chawla is associated with one of the best nursery schools in Ashok Vihar and is also a child physiologist .She feels”, exam stress and anxiety related to academic performance is becoming a growing obstacle and challenge to the child’s progress”.

“However stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens and response is what we choose”, said Raima student of Presidium School, one of the best schools in Faridabad. There are many ways to combat exam stress. A few students use this state of mind to drive their study momentum and maintain certain basic rules in their daily lives. “These students, take time to analyze, reflect and chart down their study patterns which help them overcome such feelings and do not let it engulf them”, shared  another veteran teacher from one of the best schools in Faridabad.

Here are few easy and surprising ways that can help us to channelize and overcome examination stress:

1)         Study location is the key

Many educators and teachers of nursery schools in Ashok Vihar have observed that studying and learning outcomes differ depending on the study location. Study location or spot help students focus, concentrate better and absorb the learning content aptly and efficiently A certain place may work for a particular student, may not work for another. A high grader might be comfortable studying alone in a separate corner of a room, pursuing silent reading and reflecting, however for a small grader, it is not a lucrative idea.”Children need to identify their your study space and study companions”, suggested Ankita Sharma,   science teacher in one of the best schools in Faridabad recently advised at a seminar

2)         Methodical approach

A methodical approach always gives an added boost to your confidence. Know what to study and from where to study. Establish and follow an organized content material always. Do not wait until the last minute to figure out good books and study materials. Make sure you maintain the habit of note making and keeping your notes handy when revising. Do not change books and writers at the last minute.

3)         Timetable

“ Plan your day”, suggested teachers from schools of  Ashok Vihar  and other best schools of Delhi .When you start preparing for an upcoming examination, formulate and structure your day keeping inconsideration the minutest activity that you would participate in. Logically align your schedule as per your concentration levels and difficulty level of a particular content material .Try to adhere by the schedule. Anxiety crops up the time you exceed your time of playing.

4)         Rest,  Sleep and  meals mandatory

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. Well this “Jack “can be you too! We usually give resting and exercising the least importance while preparing for an upcoming examination. Eating healthy food is the farthest goal for that matter. As we prepare through the study material, we often get emotionally or psychologically exhausted. This pressure can be mitigated with proper exercising and sleeping. Go for regular small walks or a quick cardio session at the nearby park. Do not take sleeping for granted. Our brains can only function efficiently when we give it proper rest and nutrition. Eating healthy, cutting down on sugars and caffeine goes a long way. Include proteins, fresh veggies, nuts and fruits in your meals. Dedicate time for meal, recreation and sleep.

5) Always embrace a positive attitude

So, you already know that there is no way of avoiding or escaping the exams. If you always keep feeding the negative thoughts, you will not be able to concentrate or succeed in achieving your learning goals. There is no better motivational video or better guide than yourself. You know your weaknesses and strengths; it is you who can guide yourself to perform better. Trust yourself. For example, if you have missed a study deadline or test completion deadline take it as a challenge, reflect and figure out all the possible ways to plan better the next time.. 

Examination is an inescapable part of a students’   live and difficult to manage without proper guidance from family and teachers. Off late, we have started taking stress related to academic performance casually without considering its consequences on the psychology and health of the students. As parents and guardians, it is our primary responsibility to keep a check on their overall health and happiness. Principals and teachers often try to educate the parents the remedial techniques when they observe first signs of   stress in the child. Sometimes the anxiety and fear go beyond our control. It goes to the state of panic and needs professional help. Do not shy from going to school counselor at such times. Every child is different and demonstrates their anxiety in a different manner. As parents, taking account of their behavior changes and getting them to the counselors is your responsibility. As for students, there is no issue that cannot be handled with confidence and perseverance. Study, Relax and say adios to Exam Stress.

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