Help Your Childs’ transition to Grade 1

by Presidium Faridabad School

Needless to say, that the progress from Kindergarten to first grade is a big leap for both students and parents. Children who were   engaged in play-based activities, will now have to undergo assessment both subjective and interactive explained a faculty member of one of the best schools in Faridabad. Learning would now become more formal and structured. With new responsibilities and demands, the academic confidence   built in kindergarten can be shaken. Here are few ways to bolster students’ confidence again and support their education academically and emotionally to make their life fun. With some focus and your own lesson plans, you can give your child a real boost to begin their academic journey, as observed by many senior teachers at one of the top senior secondary schools in Faridabad.


The shift from kinder garden to grade1 is a big leap for our little ones. However, there is no need to panic. The best way to deal is to be in communication with the teacher. You know your child the best. You understand his/her weakness and strength. Discuss with teacher, understand the new curriculum and the methodology. During the spring break introduce child to the curriculum. Start early and give them an edge, say senior faculty members at best schools in Faridabad, Delhi. At home to make sure they are comfortable with some of the old and new reading, and writing and arithmetic already. Parents should make their home study fun and enjoyable with games and play-guided lessons and not restrict them in a strict academic manner, in order to enhance and maintain their interest in studies, advice one of the veteran teachers of senior secondary schools in Faridabad.


At this stage, the most important thing rather than reading, writing, and arithmetic is confidence. A child should feel   confidence and should not escape from trying. Encourage them to take risks and learn from their mistake and develop more confidence. So, as a parent you may promote it by letting them act independently whenever safe opportunity arise. Boost their confidence by reinforcing ‘you can do it’ approach at home. Encourage them to make efforts, support their emotional development, explains a senior faculty, a primary wing at one of the best schools in Faridabad.

Well-balanced and healthy diet is mandatory

We all are aware of the fact that hungry kids have a hard time in school. However, what we often forget is that what your child eats also affects their performance in school. Deficiency in certain nutrients reduce their ability to store and retrieve information, pick-up and be energetic, explained a senior counselor and child health expert at a day-boarding section at one of the top senior secondary school in Faridabad.

Hence, choose nutritious foods for breakfast before school and make sure lunch is light and healthy.

One of the key aspects to get your child ready for first grade is to be involved in their daily activities, look through their backpack ,know what lesson they have read and at what times, etc. Communicate with their teachers, know their progress, and make sure you add value to their education in your own manner at home as well.

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