7 tips to the beat the exam stress this semester

by Rahul Kanojia Educational Consultant

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Stress is nature’s signal towards us to tell us how to get on with life and the hardships hurled upon us. Every student who aims at becoming a high-achiever will experience certain amount of exam stress. It’s an inevitable part of student life  that can be a really difficult to cope with. All we need to remember is that stress exists for a reason and you can make your smart choice whether to let it lead you towards your downfall, or make use of  it to drive you towards improvement and success.

Beat the exam stress this semester

To combat exam stress, first you need to perceive the objective behind this extreme anxiety. Then you can construct methods to edge off the pressures you feel. Since your exams are knocking at your doors, let’s look at a few ways to tackle your exam stress : 

1. Eat healthy and in the right amount :

When it comes to what is the best for our health, our mothers will always be right. As the quote goes “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body” surely holds true here. While resisting the temptation to indulge yourself in junk snacks  runs strongly during your exam time, but we would suggest you to hold in your cravings. Instead, reach out for a fruit or some nuts – these are brain foods that will quench your hunger, combat stress binging and charge your brain.

2. Get enough sleep

Students feel that instead of getting a sound sleep of 8 hours, it is more profitable to run an all nighter cramming up books before exams. But just so you know, the lack of sleep hampers  recall and cognitive function. It seizes your  mental peacee before your exams and as a result you tend to make silly mistakes. So, grab your beauty with the brains sleep very well before your exams.

3. Compose a schedule

It might seem perfect to some or just pointless to others but creating a schedule is the first and foremost step to any exam preparation. Why? Because creating a study schedule forces you to evaluate the amount of work you have left on your plate. It is the ideal method  to assess how far you have come towards completing your syllabus and how far you have to reach. It also gives the most realistic test of the number of hours you require to be able to finish your syllabus for the upcoming exam.

4. Make use of revision tools

Creating notes are one of the best tools to encourage your recalling capacity during your examination. Whether it is flashcards or post-it  notes, revision tools are your best friend. So, it is the best way to help yourself with the important pointers to learn and excel your exam.

5. Ask for help (teachers) :

No matter how late in the day it may seem and no matter how silly your doubt may be… don’t hesitate to ask! Your teachers, parents, and even your friends at school are always there to help you out. So do not be scared to reach out if you require assistance. It is the most utmost step to clear your confusions prior to your exams.

6. Exercise

It is always better to keep your body energised and little  sweaty before your exams. Yes, it is not just about keeping your body in shape, but also your mind diligent. Besides, it is a superb stress buster. Let your mind and soul wander during a walk or absorb some frustration when you lift some weights at the gym or go folr a soothing run. You will start noticing your pull towards being more centred, being able to focus more easily, and feel more concentrated in your mind and body as exams approach.

7. Reward yourself

Now that you have come a long way, why not reward yourself for all the hardwork and sincerity. Do not stress your brain too much while studying for your exams. Instead, devotge some time towards your family and friends or probably catch a good movie on netflix to relax yourself because you deserve it. Good luck on your exams!

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