Beginner Guide of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac

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It is hard sometimes for a new user to know about the features of Apple products in the Laptop section because it runs on a different operating system. This guide can help you to understand the basic deconstruction of the laptop. Now it is time to learn about Mac, where everything is, and how do they work.

Content Table

  1. Apple Pay and Touch ID
  2. For easy Log-in: Auto Unlock
  3. Finder
  4. Spotlight
  5. The Trackpad & Magic Mouse
  6. Desktop Background images and screensaver
  7. Taking Screenshot
  8. Full-Screen Mode
  9. The Menu Bar
  10. The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro
  11. The Dock
  12. The Mac App Store
  13. Right Clicking
  14. Troubleshooting the Mac

Apple Pay and Touch ID

Apple has now added support for Touch ID in the latest model of MacBook Pro. This allows the user to log in to their account with a simple touch. This feature can be used for multiple users Touch ID.

Apple Pay allows users to purchase online with Touch ID.

For Easy Log-in: Auto Unlock

This allows a user to unlock their Mac with your Apple watch. The user can set a long and secure password of his choosing without worrying about, to open by typing that long secure password (such as 14-15 digit password, which takes a long time even for a supercomputer). When the Apple Watch comes in the proximity range, Mac will make it possible unlock.

Personal finder: Finder

It is like a search engine for the Mac. By this, the user can search any data on that Mac. It is connected to the cloud-based programs too, which make it the one shop to find everything. This makes sure that the user doesn’t have to go to iCloud or Dropbox just to check the same thing again.

Personal Search Engine: Spotlight

It also works like Finder, but it digs all the files, documents, and the Web too to search the required data.

Increase Efficiency with The Trackpad and Magic Mouse

This is included in the desktops of Mac to provide some of the astonishing features that will allow a user to do more than gestures like zoom, scroll,  swipe, and many more. There are many other features that can give you goosebumps when you start using on a regular basis.

Personal Touch: Desktop Background Images and the Screensaver

It is just the mentality of humans that they just want to change the background and the screensaver of their choice (even if it is one of the inbuilt one). After changing those users feel personal with that device and consider it like its own.

Speedy Storage: Taking Screenshots

When you have achieved any success or the data is on the screen to valuable to lose, but there is no known way to store it, there is an option for user that’s called Screenshot.  The user can take it by pressing Command+Shift+5.

Full-Screen Mode

This allows users to increase their productivity and helps them to keep their focus on one thing. There is also an option to split the screen between doing multiple works and at the same time. This is very useful when the user wants to work on an app but use the references from any other app.

The Menu Bar

It is situated on the top of the screen of Mac. It consists of Apple Menu, which takes the user to the Setting of that system. It also consists of a menu for the currently running apps, status shortcuts, and some Quick tools, Siri, Spotlight.

The Touch Bar

It’s an OLED bar that is situated on the keyboard’s top, and this bar removes the Function Key. The symbols on this panel changes as per the running application changes. Users can customize it also as per their needs, which will improve the workflow of the user.

The Dock

It is considered as a “Favorites” section on the Mac. It collects all the files, folders, and apps that the user considers important and use frequently. This section also holds currently running apps as temporary to access them with a single click rather than shifting of complete open programs and windows.

The Mac App Store

This is a place where a user can find all the apps and its update. To download, the user has to have an Apple ID. This ID can be used to purchase any app or service. So if any user doesn’t have any ID, the user has to create one before he starts.

Right Clicking

Mac computers don’t come with any right-click function. Therefore if a user wants to get this function, the user has to set it up by themselves.

Troubleshooting the Mac

With all the functions and features, there is a time when any function is not working properly, and as a normal user, it is hard to find what is wrong, then this comes handy to the user to find the problem and to eliminate it.

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