BBQ Grill Mat Makes grilling neater & cleaner

by Venessa Liu Web Administrator
We grill all of the time. Last night we made hamburgers on the mat and they were the best burgers we have ever had! Makes grilling neater & cleaner. Like the nonstick surface. It does not however, provide pronounced gill marks. More like stovetop cooking only on the grill. I would buy them again and/or recommend them. Just ordered a second set of these for my daughter. These mats work great. No difference in food taste or cooking time. The biggest bonus will come this fall when I won’t have to tear the grill apart for it annual cleaning. Right now it looks like it will be a ten minute job rather than the two hour it normally takes. Heats up nicely with a little bit of odor at high temperatures (400+ degrees), and browns meat fairly well. What I like best is the very easy cleanup : wipe with paper towels when the mat is still warm, then wash with a soft sponge & hot soapy water. The grill itself doesn't need cleaning. Purchased this for my dad. Can’t say enough good things. We use it all the time now. It crisps up meats like you wouldn’t believe!! Very easy to clean. Little soap and water light scrub and wha lah! Brand new. Perfect for fish too no more scraping that grill and less carcinogens so healthier if that’s your thing too! 

Saw YRYM HT BBQ GRILL MAT in an add. Having a hard time getting the guys to use. For the sake of clean up I’m going to insist they try. This grill may works good. I don't know what to say. Life changing addition to the grill. I use for all meats. Made grilling tofu possible and easy for my picky daughter. Love it , I’ve done steaks burgers dogs and different veggies great product easy to clean. I like to start grilling a steak at 500 - 550 degrees so the higher heat range of the Kona mat is important. I grilled steak, chicken and shrimp on the mat and everything came out tasting great! No flare ups, no sticking and no hassles cleaning the mat or the grill. The YRYM HT BBQ Grill Mat is definitely not the cheapest mat but it is the best that I have tried. I really enjoy cooking on the grill mat. We have used these several times and they work great. Would definitely recommend. Got this for my dad because he loves grilling but always found grilling fish to be a challenge. Now every time he does he tells me it’s “the gift he didn’t know he needed”. Put on the natural gas grill. I had no flareups with a nice steak that made grill marks. The steak was delicious and put the pad in the dishwasher after rinsing.

YRYM HT grill cooking mat  was something totally new to me and I was very reluctant as I thought it would be just another gimmick to take my money.... Well I must say I was pleasantly surprised! The meat does take slightly longer to cook, but the results are impressive. Even a well done steak remains juicy. This will turn you into a grill chef immediately and also I realized my grill didn't flare up from the grease drippings. Happy customer right here. Overall a wonderful product that does what the manufacturer promises. Our grill stayed 99% clean! Just a little grease that's easily cleaned with a rag or sponge. The food (meat, fish and vegetables) came out nice and juicy. Cleaning the BBQ grill mat, I had to scrub them twice because they were still sticky after they dried. Next time I'll try the dishwasher to get them clean with even less effort. I recommended these to a very close friends of mine. Worked Wonderfully On My Grill!!! Shrimp, cut veggies, etc... did not slip through the grill grates. Easy clean up. I would certainly by again & Highly Recommend!!!!! It also comes with 2 mats & has a 7 year warranty. Impressive.

The grill cooking mat Perfect for steaks, pork chops, and fish. It gives the perfect sear to your steak and pork chop. If you cook a cheaper frozen burger, you might not want to use grill cooking mat. These grill mats are great! Strong and easy to clean...and at a great price too! These are great for grilling vegetables. They really help to disperse the heat more evenly on the grill top and they’re great for grilling vegetables. I used to always end up tearing the foil I put my veggies on. We use them almost every day. They don’t ever really get clean but neither do the grill grates so I’ve learned to live with that. We have had other grill mats but this one is very heavy duty. We love it! Would recommend it with no reservations! Got to use one of the mats (ordered a set of two) last night for brats....extremely happy with the results! I didn't have all the smoke and flare ups that was experienced in the past and the brats ended up perfect....including grill marks. Clean up was extremely easy with some dishwashing soap and water. I look forward to using the mat(s) again especially for grilled veggies and fish. Highly recommend the YRYm HT BBQ grill mat!

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