miracle BBQ grill mats make grilling so much easier

by Venessa Liu Web Administrator
I bought one of YRYM HT miracle BBQ grill mats for my husband and one for my son in law and they are both happy as can be with this product. We love the mats so far. Easy to clean. We have only used them a few times, but everything is as advertised. These grill mats are awesome, they cook evenly and prevent flare ups. 

YRYM HT miracle BBQ grill mats disintegrated after I used it to cook burgers. I think it got too hot and the fire from the grease melted the mat. I e-mailed the company and got an e-mail from the co-founder within the day! She offered to send out their heavy-duty version for replacement. 5 Stars for customer service!

1. Note that this version has no drain holes for grease and is only rated to 500 degrees. This means you cannot:
- Use it over an open campfire. Flames should be 5-7" away from the mat.
- High-heat, over 500 degrees.
2. Aluminum can be bad for you, especially at high temperatures when it breaks down. I was hoping for something that could be used at those high temperatures or over direct flame. I guess, though good, this product is not magical. I can imagine it would be ideal for:
- Atop my cast iron griddle to make clean-up easier.
- On the open grill to roast vegetables or things that will fall through.
- On the open grill for non-greasy, easy to stick items such as chicken, fish or precooked meats being finished on the grill. 

YRYM HT non stick grill mat protects the grill and really spreads the heat evenly. Great heat distribution. Durable. Food cooks evenly. It works great, food turns out great on it. It does struggle to get a great sear though. I love these! I have little veggies that kept falling though the grill and this made it so much easier to keep it in the pans and out of the grill. So cool! A little hard to keep clean- the grease takes a few washings after use to get it clean but worth it! These grill mats make cooking on the grill easy & quick! They are made of high quality material and clean up is easy. We use them for veggies and shrimp! Evens out the cooking on the grill so that everything comes out delicious without some parts being burned and other parts uncooked. Great for cooking potatoes to get them nice and crispy. Grill Mats - I never had a grill mat before and I've grilled many times - I was missing out greatly. These things are amazing. I can cook any type of meat like loose chorizo on it and never lose any of it. It's easily washable and they give you 2. But seriously, miracle BBQ grill mats make grilling so much easier. The best part is that you can prep all your food directly on it and then carry the grill mat over to the grill and plop it on there.

I did have a manufacturers defect on my first order (looked like a burn hole in the mat), but I emailed them as soon as I got the product and they sent me a new one immediately. I didn't even have to deal with the hassle of returning it to Amazon and switching it out - they sent me a new set right away and I still have 1 extra usable one (so 3 in total). Honestly all I ever use is 1 and wash it and reuse so in case that ever goes bad or I accidentally burn it, I have a couple spares. I highly recommend YRYM HT and stand by their brand; their customer service is 100% on point. Very hard to on it is great, but the clean up afterward is beyond difficult. After 7-8 uses, seeing some tears in the lining. Bought it at great discount, wouldn’t pay full price.

YRYM HT non stick grill mat meets description, works great. I bought these mats a little while ago, and used them for the first time this past weekend and they were awesome. I liked how they cooked the food evenly. Good for grilling food that is very messy. Less messy on the grill so not too much scrubbing afterwards. Saves your grill from cleaning. These mats takes the abuse. A little difficult to clean but with some elbow grease they do wash up pretty good. I would guess about 10-12 uses before you see wear and tear and have to throw them out. 

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