barbecue grill mats are great for grilling veggies

by Venessa Liu Web Administrator
I love the YRYM HT barbecue grill mats. No more dropping food through the grate and still get the grill taste. They are also easy to wash and the grill is protected and doesn't get so dirty. Great product. Works great in bbqer, less mess to clean. Also use it in camper oven, helpes to regulate the temperature. These mats are amazing! I made Korean bulgogi on my bbq grill since we had a large group and needed the food out quickly but with that grilled taste. The mats worked perfectly and nothing suck. Very easy to clean, I had a large bowel of water with a bit of soap and put the mats in that after to clean. Easy clean up and perfectly grilled food! Great product and a good option for certain grilling.  This is a brilliant way to grill veggies. You can preheat these on your grill, dump your veggies on, and then pull the whole sheet off onto a tray or into a bowl. You still get grill marks through it. They work great and leave no mess on your grill. You could even grill some meats on this, but I'd super recommend this for fish, as there is no real risk of sticking.

The only thing is, I'm not sure why they sell 5 of them in a pack. My 4-burner grill will barely fit 2 of copper bbq mat. So I ended up giving the extras away to friends/relatives. Maybe these will fall apart at some point and I'll regret it, but $10 isn't bad for these. Keeps the grill clean yet grills food perfectly. Put on the mat and then its cooks what ever to my satisfaction and then we all enjoy the food. Clean up is a breeze. Great product! Fast shipping and used one last night on the grill to cook tuna steaks and worked great. Love them great for burgers keeps grill pretty clean and keep great taste. Love these mats. Used it on a park grill. Worked perfectly. I have been using these for over 2 yrs When someone gets a BBQ I make sure they have some Makes life so easy ! These mats are life changing. Cleaning the grill was so time consuming, but cleaning the mats is quick and easy. Food cooks very well. Just made wings and they were nice and crispy on the grill. I’ve been using the same ones since early July and they really do hold up. 

I love barbecue grill mats. Since I don’t need to clean the grill each time. I grill more often and they are great for vegetables. Cleaning is easy but needs a good scrub because of the oils from the meats. Great price for a great product. You will never burns food again. It is not as heat resistant as i expected. Still a very good product and it does come with 5 pads. For what its work it is the same as the more expensive pads that only come with 2 in the pack. So i would reccomend this product. I used these the other day to make burgers on the grill. They cooked the food like they not even there, and the grill stayed clean !! I wiped the mat down with a damp sponge,then washed it with soapy water and it came clean. Beats having to clean my grill grates with a wire brush. I'll use them whenever I grill in the future !! They work great ! These grill mats make it unnecessary to clean the grill. We use them always on our Traeger electric pellet grill. So easy to use and reuse! Just wipe off with paper towels and then wash in warm soapy water. I use one in my oven and one on my grill!

I use copper bbq mat all the time on the BBQ! Easy clean up! Cooks even!. I buy new ever season. But really don’t have to because they last a longtime. these mats are not flimsy and are definetely reusable. Best thing since grilled burgers lol...makes keeping grill clean easy and I don't get burnt food anymore!better than the copper colored ones. I share them with my friends. Everyone wants them once they see how great they work. Great, keeps my grill cleaner and cooks food well. fantastic product to be used for grilling, it protects and keeps the juice of meat inside, the grilled veggies come very tasty making them on the mat. I use these mats all the time for my grill and I love them. So easy to clean and store. Don't have to deal with a messy grill any more. Very happy I bought them. These worked great, were not flimsy at all. I use these mats all the time for my grill and I love them. So easy to clean and store. Don't have to deal with a messy grill any more. Very happy I bought them. These five Non-Stick BBQ grill mats are awesome! We love to grill shrimp for our kids and fish for us and these really make it easy to do so more often than we did before. They are easy to clean and we have not had any burn yet! You can even cut on these! Although I prefer not to and to use a cutting board - I did once and had no issues. 

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