Are Your New Business Partners Waiting For You?

by Dan Carter Is there ever a perfect time?
Are You Looking For Insider Secrets To Get Well Known And Get New Clients?

There are Harsh realities of starting a business!

“Entrepreneurship can be a grisly, volatile mess of toxic ingredients on the verge of combustion, threatening to consume your health, relationships, and life.”

I read that the other day online… and my first thought, was, “Wow that’s a little over-the-top,” but then… I thought… no… that sounds about right.

For most people just starting out… the struggle is definitely real...

I’ve worked with sooo many business owners and I’ve seen it all…

Let’s take a look at a day in the life of a business owner…

Rather than pushing your product or service, articulating your offer or trying to get clickthroughs; this article focuses purely on engaging with your prospect, and to be frank, right now it’s one of the most effective ways of getting noticed and opening a dialogue with your market.

Joint Ventures Are The Best Way To Get Known And Get Clients!

Let me introduce you to Average Joe or Jane.

Made the commitment. Got EXCITED and super nervous but determined to find a way to make this business idea work.

Tells friends and family and they’re excited (if not a little nervous or a bit confused) and so the grind begins…

Day 1… sits down at the computer and reaches out to a few friends and former colleagues, writes a few facebook posts, brainstorms.

Back starts hurting but still pumped.

Day 15… It’s been a long two weeks… Hustling 24 hours a day… or close to it. Eliminating all excuses and looking for ways to market, market, market, market. Maybe had someone take a bite, maybe not.

Day 236… There’s only so long anyone can pull this stunt…can only tap into a personal network for referrals so many times. Maybe had some clients, but still nothing consistent and been under serious pressure for months now - has bills to pay and people that need to eat.

At the point where its time to rolls out of bed just hoping something happened while away because not really sure what else to do.

Sits at desk, trying to ignore family’s advice to just get a job, and tries to push back thoughts of self-doubt, criticism, and failure.

Looks at screen… and has no idea what to do… just knows needs some clients. Been putting in marathons of work with little to show for it.

What now?

Whatever time frame that looks - or looked - like for you… I think most business owners go through something like that at some point.

And that’s why having a proven, reliable system to bring in new leads and clients can really change your whole world.

If you've been in a hustle-and-grind mode for too long with little to show for it and you’d like to come up for some air...

You're About To DiscoverThe Power Of Collaboration That Allow you to place your offer in front of your ideal audience because they are already having a relationship 

Add 5,000 Subscribers Without Spending A Lot Of Money When You Connect With A Joint Venture Marketing Community.

Joint Venture Marketer Provide Clarity on what Is Needed that You Can Serve Your Audience With What They Want And Need Right Now To Earn Steady Cash Flow That you Do Not Need To Figure Out What They Want

You Become Known As A Problem Solver and Never Need To Worry Where Your Next Clients Will Come From Ever Again.

This is where you learn what keeps your prospects up at 2 AM Wanting To Put An End To Feeling Helpless.

Give Your Client Confidence that you and your program will provide their solution providing immediate Results to that specific Challenge

When You are engaging with Joint  Venture Marketers You Have An Endless Supply Of Opportunity To Reach Your Ideal Audience and Become the Go To Partners In your Niche.

Joint Venture Marketer will take your business to a new level and give you clarity so you focus on the tasks that actually move the needle forward. Keep an eye out for it!

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