Anchor bolts: Structure, Uses And Installation

by Avadhesh Sharma SEO Analyst

Anchor bolts are fasteners used to connect or attach objects and structures to concrete, brick or stucco. There are different types of anchor bolts available depending on their structure, formation and material they are made from. We have L-shaped anchor bolts, S-shaped anchor bolts, J-shaped or straight anchor bolts. One can even find custom made anchor bolts in UAE, Japan and in other countries too. A common feature of all of these anchors is that all of them are threaded at one end, with a nut and a plate attached to that end.


The different types of these fasteners include: Hammer Drive Anchors, Drop-In Anchors, Sleeve Type Anchors, Undercut anchors, Hollow Wall Anchors, Swedge Anchors, and Wedge Anchors etc. Anchor bolts are made of various materials range from common steel to titanium to exotic materials to even plastic depending according to their use. Anchor bolts also come in different types of plating and coating.


Different uses of anchor bolts:

• To attach wood to the foundation of a building, anchor bolts are used. In earthquake prone areas, special anchor bolts which provide mobility are used.

• For people who have gym equipments at home, anchor bolts are necessary to use to reduce the potential risk of tripping of machines due to leverage of the weights.

• Anchor bolts are used to secure the entertainment centers, for example television or speakers, to the wall.

• The heavy structural walls have anchor bolts attached on the top to prevent the load of the building from being an issue and resulting in collapsing or causing a structural damage. The anchor bolts transfers the load weight to the concrete foundations instead of to the actual frame of the building.

• Anchor bolts are used in light poles and traffic signals. Anchor bolts are also commonly used in highway signs.

• Anchor bolts are used in railway lines and bridges.


Installation of anchor bolts:

For the installation of anchor bolts, you need to drill holes where the anchor bolts are supposed to go. Then it is important to dust the drilled hole. Then you can place the bolt in the hole, you can use hammer to do so. Make sure the bolt fits the hole and then make sure you tighten it in place. The last step of installation is different for wedge anchors (in concrete only), sleeve anchors (in concrete, wood or wall), strike anchors and so. If you want anchor bolts for comparatively bigger engineering projects like building houses and bridges etc, ordering in bulk directly from anchor bolt manufacturers is suggested.


Another typical way to install anchor bolts to embed and secure it into wet cement. Once the cement hardens, the bolts provide a dock for structural components such as load-bearing walls, while the concrete ensures a firm grasp of the fasteners in place. If you are looking to buy anchor bolts, anchor bolt manufactures and suppliers are available both online and offline in many countries across the world including Japan, China, UAE, USA etc.

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