An Insight Into Online Leadership And Management Training Programmes

by Kevin Bancroft Author

It is impossible to be exceptional leaders or managers without a deep understanding of our own limitations and challenges. There is always work to be done on ourselves, as we strive to help others realise their potential.

Online leadership and management training highlights serious shortfalls in our cognitive functions, especially in the area of unconscious bias awareness training. 

The training shares some uncomfortable truths about the way we operate. Leaders and managers generally pride themselves on thinking fast, making quick decisions and trusting their gut. They need to have confidence in themselves to instil confidence in others— it’s only natural. 

We discovered that there is, however, a big downside to this apparent strength when we undertake unconscious bias online training. This swift cognitive processing uses generalisations that can easily lead to stereotypes and the wrong assumptions about individuals and groups of people. 

Often, if we don’t take the time to slow ourselves down and do the work necessary to make logical and informed decisions, we tend to make incorrect assumptions. Our automatic biases take control, predetermining outcomes.

Get out of default thinking

Unconscious bias e learning is a good way to orientate our thinking on this subject to get us on the right track. So much knowledge has been acquired about the theory of unconscious bias as well as practices and behaviours that limit the potential damage flowing from this reality. 

We need to start by recognising our default positions and then make it a point to make a careful analysis whenever an important decision arises. Good leaders and managers don’t allow things to just happen. We need to employ all our abilities to recognise new information coming in and use this to see how the actual situation or person is different to what we’ve gone through before.

It is a case of us influencing ourselves internally so that we can create positive outcomes.

Particularly when it comes to diversity training unconscious bias, leaders and managers must take time to reflect. Being busy is not an excuse for not slowing things down to make better decisions. 

There are many ways, during unconscious bias online training, that others will share insights that help us avoid falling into old traps and patterns. Clues include feelings of surprise, heightened levels of discomfort and your body reacting unpredictably—like sweating or heart rate elevation. 

Other telltale signs might be unexpected feelings of anxiety or anger. During online leadership and management training, we get better at knowing when to trust ourselves and when to check ourselves. 

Our level of willingness to interrogate ourselves is one of the hallmarks of our successful evolution. Overcoming unconscious bias takes a great deal of honesty and openness to change.

Stay in control

We need to remember that the main aim of online leadership and management training is to empower us to do and be more. 

If we come to see that we are always at risk of seeing and treating people differently and discriminating them based on our existing model of the world, we will end up making poor decisions, not only for ourselves but for all those we come into contact with.

If we allow it to penetrate our world, unconscious bias awareness training can affect our understanding of other people profoundly. We move from being self-centred to being self-grounded. It is never too late to widen our focus and undoubtedly a lot more comes into focus when we slow things down. We need to accept that this aspect of self-mastery will be a lifelong journey. 

It’ll be worth it, as it will give us the power to shift our thinking and be more responsible.

As part of this endeavour, we take comfort in the thought, “Fortunately for serious minds, a bias recognised is a bias sterilised” – Benjamin Haydon

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