All You Need To Know About Sapphire Gemstone

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All the sapphires are precious members of the corundum mineral family. After diamonds, Sapphire is the second hardest mineral on earth. Except for ruby, all the members of the corundum mineral family are identified as sapphire gemstones. The word sapphire originated from the greek and Latin words "saphirus" and "sapheiros" which means blue. The blue color is the most common variety of sapphire gemstone which is known as a blue sapphire gemstone. In ancient times, the mystical sapphire stone was considered the essential one. 


Commonly, Sapphire Stone occurs in barrel-shaped, Double pointed hexagonal pyramids and tabloid forms. Sapphire gemstones are formed in the corundum mineral family found in metamorphic rocks and alluvial gem gravel deposits. These stones may be found in pegmatites. Sapphire gemstones are considered to be extremely hard and glassy. The specific gravity for this stone can vary from 3.58 to 3.61. The hardness of the stone is 9 moh scale and the Mean Refractive Index can vary between 1.712 - 1.740. 


The reason behind the color of sapphire is the trace amount of elements in corundum such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, vanadium, or magnesium. These elements in sapphire stone can provide different colors like blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, or green. Sapphire stones come in different shades and patterns as well, even in grey and black, While some of the stones don't hold any color. The presence of titanium elements in the stone can give you a bright shade of brilliant blue color. Likewise, if the stone contains chromium then you will get the sparkling pink hue. Sometimes the stones hold two or more elements and that creates the exotic colored lime green and purple. 

Wearing a Sapphire Stone 

It is important to get to know about the significance and method of wearing it before wearing a sapphire gemstone. There are few things that you should keep in your mind before buying a sapphire stone. 

  • A popular variety of sapphire stones which is known as blue sapphire or Neelam stone should be worn on yellow gold or white gold or silver. 

  • Sapphire stone can be worn with other stones. This stone should be worn in the middle finger of the working hand on Saturday, just after the rise of stars. 

  • The ideal weight of the stone should be above 3 carats. Commonly, the weight of the stone must be 1/12th of the total body weight. If you are 60 then you need to buy a stone of 5 carats. 

  • Vedic astrology recommends sapphire stone to Capricorns and Aquarius ascendants. The stone can be worn by those whose Saturn position is weak in the horoscope. Sapphire stone can strengthen your weaker placed Saturn in the natal chart. 

  • Neelam stone may be used by professionals in the fields of dance, drama, martial arts, cinematography. The stone is believed to bring success in business, sports, career, and life. The stone helps a person to become a great industrialist or political leader. 

  • To get the detailed information and rituals before wearing the stone an astrologer or gemologist should be consulted. 

  • Before making any gold purchase, you should make sure of the price of the metal. 

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