All about the benefits of automatic boom barriers and sliding gates

by Sunil D. Managing Director
Automated boom barriers and sliding gates offer many benefits, and the important one is the convenience offered. They come with advanced security features including swing gates and can be operated remotely. You can find quality boom barriers and sliding gates by choosing the best manufacturer.

Almost everyone is familiar with boom barriers and sliding gates, as it is common everywhere. A boom barrier is a small gate that acts as a barrier to prevent unwanted vehicles from entering certain areas. Usually, it is installed in parking areas, toll gates, airport entry, residential complexes, and many other places to regulate traffic flow. Sliding gates, also known as wheel-mounted gates, are common in many houses and numerous other places.

It slides along a track while opening or closing and is used in places where lengthy driveway opening is required. Have you ever heard of automatic boom barriers and sliding gates? Nowadays, numerous manufacturers offer automated products like boom barriers, swing gates, sliding gates, turnstile systems, etc. These products come with the benefit of remote control or computer-operated facilities. Here's something that you should know about automated boom barriers and sliding gates.

Benefits of choosing automated boom barriers

It requires minimal human intervention and is easy to operate

Automated boom barriers require minimal human intervention after installation, as they can be operated remotely anywhere. So there is no need for a person to continuously monitor the barrier installed on private property, as you can manage it on your own. Automatic boom barriers are easy to operate as they can be closed and opened by simply pressing a switch (even remotely). You can install its control (button) inside the home or any other room.

Safe and secure with long-lasting optimum performance

You can decide what type of boom barrier you need to ensure safety and security. You can choose the boom barrier's material by considering the installation's purpose. Usually, boom barriers are made of aluminum with a waterproof coating. At the same time, you can also get these barriers made of heavy-duty steel and other materials based on your choice. They are tough to break without opening and effectively prevent unwanted vehicle entry. The automated technology in these gates has enhanced security standards by providing you with effective control over it (even from distant places).

You can choose from several types of automatic boom barrier

You can find different types of automatic boom barriers for different requirements like regulating traffic in parking, controlling passage through toll booths, restricting traffic in freeway entrances, etc. There are several types of automatic boom barriers that you should know like:

  • Hydraulic barrier
  • Fence barrier
  • 90-degree articulated boom barriers
  • Automatic swing barrier
  • Toll barrier
  • Magnum boom barrier

All these barriers are used for different requirements, and their design, style, and strength also depend on their purpose. Many automation product manufacturers and suppliers offer all these types of boom barriers. Thus, it would be easy for you to find a place to buy them.

Benefits of choosing automated sliding gates 

More convenience – ease of use

The best sliding gates with automation have become highly popular mainly because of their convenience. Manual gates won't match them in any way as it offers all the benefits of a manual gate (whether it is style design, color, or type of material of the gate) with many additional features. Automated sliding gates avoid the need to get out of the vehicle for closing or opening your gate. It is highly beneficial during extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.). You can open or close the gate remotely by simply pushing a button – with remote control. Technology has advanced, and now you can open your sliding gate with your phone – by using an app.

Improved security

Automatic sliding gates offer more security and cannot be forced open easily. They can only be closed or opened with your control facility (buttons). Similar to normal gates, they are also available in different designs and qualities. Thus, you can find the right solutions for industries, homes, heavy-duty applications, and many others. For better results, you can choose sliding gates of superior quality raw materials with the latest technology. The automation feature gives you complete control to open and close the gate at particular times. It will help you monitor people entering or exiting through the gate (remotely with a CCTV camera).

Eliminates labor costs and provides access to multiple users

By installing the best sliding gate with automation, you can eliminate the need for labor costs. With this facility, you no longer need an individual to operate the gates manually. You can simply open or close the gate automatically without wasting time, effort, and money. It is especially useful in companies and gated communities to avoid labor costs. You can also choose single-user or multiple-user-operated automatic gates based on your requirement. If you are choosing a sliding gate for gated communities or a company, you can choose the one that can be programmed to allow access to multiple users. You can also use such gates to give access to (operate the gate) all the members of your household.

Why should you choose the best automation products manufacturer and supplier? 

Choosing a reputable manufacturer and supplier for automation products is essential to receive high-quality products. Choosing a poor-quality automated sliding gate or other products can be dangerous and result in losing money. Since it is automated, it should be of the best quality to work properly and offer enough security. A professional company will offer the best products which will last longer and work efficiently with minimal maintenance. 


Automated products like boom barriers and sliding gates offer many advantages. They are convenient to use and can be added with a touch of luxury (sliding gates for home) if necessary. Power failures are not a problem as they can be operated manually. So make sure you choose a leading manufacturer or supplier to purchase these items.

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