Know the benefits of using a PSA gas generator

by Sunil D. Managing Director

A PSA gas generator plays a crucial role in recovering a variety of gases with the highest purity. Of late, the PSA or the Pressure Swing Adsorption process has gained extreme popularity among companies that generate gases. This is for the reason that the process makes the process of recovering pure gases simple besides minimizing the overall operating costs.

What gases can a PSA generator recover?

The beneficial features of a PSA gas generator make the appliance suitable for purifying an assortment of gases, including:

  • Methane

  • Hydrogen

  • Carbon dioxide

It plays a vital role in the generation of oxygen and nitrogen, as well. Additionally, if you would like to remove carbon dioxide in bulk quantities from top gases directly by decreasing them, then you can consider using these generators.

What does the Pressure Swing Adsorption Generator accomplish?

Actually, the generator attained its name as it uses a technology known as Pressure Swing Adsorption or PSA. The technology makes the process of separating some gas varieties under pressure from a blend of gases according to the molecular properties of gas varieties and an affinity for an adsorbent substance.

If you would like to have complete control of your gas supply, a PSA gas generator can help you attain your goals. This will aid you greatly in meeting the daily gas needs of your company easily and effectively. For your company, the major benefit is that when you generate gases yourself, you do not need to depend on any third party supplier to meet your demands. Thus, you can get rid of the need for processing, refilling, and delivery expenses.

It is vital to know the level of purity that is required for each application to generate your gas purposefully. However, there are a few general requirements about the ingestion of air. The compressed air needs to be dry and clean before starting the gas generation process. This is the reason that the wet and unclean air will affect the quality of the refined gas.

A PSA gas generator works efficiently at ambient temperatures and differs much from cryogenic distillation methods of gas partition. There are certain adsorptive materials, such as molecular sieves, activated carbon, etc., which will be used as a trap, specially adsorbing the required gas type at high pressure. Then, the PSA process swings to low pressure so that the adsorbed material can be desorbed effectively.

Benefits of choosing a reliable distributor of Pressure Swing Adsorption Generator

The key to reaping the real benefits of using a Pressure Swing Adsorption Generator mainly counts on the company or manufacturer you choose. You should buy your generator from a trusted and reputable manufacturing company, such as Compair Medox. Most of these companies will aid you greatly in installing your appliance with maximum professionalism. This will aid you substantially in reducing your overall operating costs, as well.

Any reliable and experienced manufacturer of PSA generators might have had the main product portfolios on the market. Thus, they will be having a variety of models of these generators to decide. Moreover, their PSA generators will be perfectly designed to make you attain your preferred gas with the maximum purity of 99.99% as well as with the best flow rates. 

 Another benefit of choosing the best manufacturer of PSA generators is that you can achieve great cost savings. It means that by choosing such a company that you will be capable of achieving maximum cost savings when compared to bulk fluid delivery, Dewar, as well as gas cylinders. Moreover, you will never run out of your required gas, meaning you will get a continuous supply of your gas.

Most PSA generator manufacturers will be committed to supplying their products as complete systems to their customers. It will aid users greatly in using their generators immediately from the package. These generators will be prepared for hooking up to a compressed air supply. They will come with air filters as well as controls to make the generators work automatically. Moreover, the PSA generators offered by these manufacturers will be simple to operate as well as easy to maintain, too.  This is for the reason that they will usually be pre-tested, adjusted, and inspected systematically to make sure that they are set up to meet the exact needs of users, like you.


The best thing about PSA gas generators is their capability to assist different companies to produce on-site gases. These appliances are suitable for a variety of applications where gases are considered paramount.

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