Advantages of Organic Vermicompost Manure

by Sagar Chauhan Digital Marketing Analyst

Plants need to be taken off with the utmost care and in order to make sure they remain healthy, you need manure. There is a wide range of manures available in the market like natural organic manure, bio-fertilizers, and the farmer’s favorite vermicompost manure. Vermicomposting refers to the usage of earthworms for converting vegetable waste to 100% organic plant fertilizer. The use of earthworms for vermicomposting has become a favored way of converting waste into helpful products and side by side growing more worms for increasing the capacity of the worm farms. There are several benefits of using organic vermicompost manure over other types of manures. In order to know more about them, keep reading.

Benefits of Using Organic Vermicompost Manure

There are several benefits of using organic vermicompost manure over other types of manure. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Organic: The most important factor that makes the organic vermicompost manure the best is that it is produced by earthworms and is 100% natural. It is free from any type of harmful chemicals and does not require any type of extra additives.

  • More Nutritious: Vermicomposting produces a certain type of product the offers various benefits to plants in several ways. The factor that makes earthworm compost highly beneficial is that the nutrients present in it are absorbed very easily by the roots of plants. Vermicompost stays in the soil for a long time that chemical fertilizers and does not get easily flushed from the soil because of the worm mucus present in it. This gives the plants longer time to consume nutrients and gain the maximum benefit.

  • Healthier Plants: Vermicompost manure is suitable for all types of plants and it makes them healthy. This reduces the need for pesticides and helps the area in recovering at a faster rate. This eventually starts an improvement cycle that runs for a long time. Unlike chemical fertilizers, they improve plant health and yield as well whereas chemical fertilizers only increase the yield and don’t have any effect on plant health. Longer usage of chemical fertilizers eventually leads to the degradation of the soil.

  • Plant Growth: The hormones present in the earthworm compost are extremely advantageous for plant health and helps in its growth as well. This manure makes the soil the best for plantations and offers various benefits to it like encouraged seed germination, faster growth of the plant and improved crop yield. These types of benefits cannot be expected from chemical fertilizers at all. The distribution of the compost through the soil encourages healthy growth of the roots.

  • Water Retention: Vermicompost has to capacity to hold up to nine times its own weight in water. This can prove to be highly advantageous in dry situations. The manure holds water at an organic level, which makes it evaporate slowly while still being available for plant’s consumption.

Using organic vermicompost manure over chemical fertilizers is surely a wise choice as it is 100% safe for the plants. Mentioned above are some of the benefits of using organic vermicompost manure. If you are looking for Wholesale Organic Vermicompost Manure in your city then simply search online for that.

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