A Guide To Helping You Discover The Significance Of Masonic Jewelry

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What is Freemasonry?

One of the largest secret societies in the world, that is built upon principles such as fraternity with other masons, truth in all things, mankind in society, and showing honesty in business. The noble motto that is inscribed in the freemasonry flag reflects Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and Solidarity. The most important representation of a mason is its appearance. While attending the lodge meetings, events, or gatherings masons wear particular jewels that represent them and their society. Masonic rings in the UK show the masonic brotherhood that symbolizes loyalty to the world’s oldest fraternal organization. The meaning of masonic rings signifies the rich heritage and represents the freemasonry culture.


Masonic rings

Symbolize membership in the masonic brotherhood and reflect the meaning of a masonic ring which is to symbolize the member’s loyalty to the freemasonry organization.


Signet ring

It is considered a personal signature or a symbol that reflects the family heritage. It showcases your identity, which sets you apart from the rest, and represents your values and beliefs as an individual. The traditional way or etiquette to wear your signet ring is to wear it on the non-dominant hand. In ancient times the signet rings were worn by kings, bishops, popes, and roman emperors they reflected power, importance, and nobility.


Masonic ring symbol

Jewelry that represents the mason community and its values and beliefs.


Square and compass- This symbol in freemasonry represents the teachings of Freemasonry. Square symbolizes the “square of our actions by the square of virtue with all mankind.” on the other hand compass represents wisdom, in freemasonry, it means to restrict our desires and keep the passion with due bonds.


“G” symbol- It stands for Geometry and stands for the great architect of the universe.


All-seeing eye- This symbol is also known as the ‘masonic eye’ and represents the eye of the god or supreme being, watching and seeing all your actions.


Finding your masonic jewelry

Jewelry represents you on your next lodge. If you are searching for masonic rings or masonic jewelry in the UK then the masonic collection brings you a variety of masonic jewelry and rings with high quality and incredibly fair prices.


Given below is the wide collection of masonic jewelry in the UK


  1. Allied Degree Jewels
  2. Irish Constitution Jewels
  3. Knights of Malta jewelry
  4. Knights of Templar Jewellery
  5. Mark Degree Jewellery
  6. Masonic craft jewels
  7. Order of the secret monitor jewels
  8. RA chapter jewels
  9. Red cross of Constantine jewels 
  10. Rose Croix jewels
  11. Royal and select masters jewels
  12. Royal Ark mariner jewels


Relevance of masonic jewelry

Representation of the pride and honor of each lodge according to requirements of how to wear the masonic ring, masonic jewelry, or masonic watch while attending specific events.

If you are attending your next lodge or wondering about gifting specific masonic rings or jewelry to your brother then platforms such as the masonic collection will help you find the best pair of masonic jewels in the UK while attending and gifting the affordable, high-quality, enameling,  and intricate metal working jewelry pieces. 

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