A Few Tips and Tricks to Perform Better in Your Job Interview

by Julie Clements Promoter
Businesses use interview as an important part of their recruiting process and get these transcribed with the help of digital transcription services. While resumes are popularly used to identify the skills and experience of a prospective employee, many people feel they are rather obsolete now. Moreover, businesses want to understand the full potential of candidates which is better revealed in an interview. Interviews help you note how the candidate interacts with others, whether he /she can maintain eye contact, and whether he/she dresses appropriately. 

Interviews are an opportunity for jobseekers to find out about the work culture, work space etc. Performing well in an interview is crucial for job seekers due to the competitive job market. The employer judges the candidate based on his/her performance. So here are some tips that could be useful for job seekers going for an interview. 

  • The interview is a two-way communication process: Interviews are always nerve-wracking for job seekers. But consider it as a two-way conversation between HR managers and employees. So, make yourself comfortable and it is ok to smile during a job interview. Cracking a joke is a good idea to lighten the serious atmosphere but do not try to be too funny with a forced joke. Also, make sure that you ask intelligent questions about the company to the HR managers. Some interviewers will be impressed if you know certain aspects of the company already enough to ask about them. Show the interviewer that you are curious 
  • Don’t go too personal: Interviewers are interested in knowing about you but they focus more on your skills, ability and attitude that can add value to the company. But make sure that you don’t share too much about your personal life because it shows that you cannot focus on the interview. Bad mouthing about your past job is also not a good idea. It makes you look unprofessional and unethical. Keep in mind not to ramble about your past job experience. You should focus on the job, its requirement and how you can step into the role and perform well.  
  • Prepare for some common questions:  There are various approaches to interview and recruiters might switch between approaches to choose the right candidate. They can ask some common questions like “Why should we hire you?” “What are your greatest professional strengths?” or “What do you consider to be your weaknesses? Prepare yourself to answer these questions. Failing to answer these questions or stammering or having no clear answer to it can ruin your interview. 
  • Practice:  The best way to improve your interview technique is to practice in front of your friend who can keep you on your toes. This will helps you to answer any unexpected interview questions.  You can also record your interview and review it yourself. This will help you to speak with confidence and maintain eye contact. 

Some Common HR Interview Questions

  • Tell us about yourself:  Most of the interviewers are likely to start the interview with this question. The answer to this will help HR managers to know the most important parts of your education and career. Remember to keep the answer to this question short. 
  • Why do you want to join this company: Your answer to this question should not be limited to gaining experience. It should be more about how you want to be associated with the brand.
  • Have you applied for any other job: HR managers will definitely ask this question to know how long they have until they can make you can offer. If you are searching for other jobs, you should mention that you are looking out for a job and have not finalized any.
  • Are you flexible with your working hours: The question is frequently asked to know your availability and ability to work in special circumstances like stretching yourself to travel, work nights or work weekends. Be open about how flexible you are.
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years: This might be a scary question for beginners but the best possible answer for this question is to say that you are looking to create a career in the same industry you are applying for and with the right opportunities you are ready to grow in the company.
  • Are you planning to study further: If you are desperate to get the job, tell them that you haven’t decided yet and will decide based on how much you are learning in the company. If you have plans only after 3-4 years then tell them you don’t have any intention of going for higher education right away.

Interviews are conversations between two or more people to obtain information. It helps to collect data and narrative information in order to better understand the respondent’s unique perspectives and interview transcription services help to convert interviews into text format. The service is provided by trained and experienced transcriptionists who will ensure timely completion of the project.  They utilize the latest technology and tools to transcribe within quick turnaround time ensuring a high level of accuracy.

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